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What's in your Boots meal deal?

Discover all the different options and the ranges available for your lunchtime meal deal at Boots.

What is the Boots Meal Deal?

Millions of lunchtime meal combos; but only one set price

The Boots Meal Deal is so simple it's beautiful! Buy one main course, one snack and one drink from Boots and pay just one set price.

Most of our huge range of lunch items are included* in the Boots Meal Deal, making the choice of combos gigantic. So large that you would need a stadium 94 times bigger than Wembley Stadium filled with people eating a different Boots Meal Deal before any two people would have exactly the same combination. Now, that's a big choice. And a big stadium!

What's in the Boots Meal Deal?

Our Meal Deals include our own ranges like Shapers and Delicious as well as many of your other favourites like Coca Cola and Walkers crisps. As long as you choose one main course, one side or dessert, and one drink, you can mix and match between any of the items included in the deal.

How much does a Meal Deal cost?

Boots Meal Deal starts at £3.29. So, if you want a great lunch, at an easy price and haven't got the foggiest what your tastebuds fancy, why not pop along to your local Boots, have a browse and see what grabs you.

Snacks, meals, drinks... what have we got?

We've got...sandwiches, wraps, flatbreads, bagels, rolls, salads, sushi, quiche, slices, porridge, fruit, granola, crisps, chocolate, cake, muffins, yoghurts...(*pause for breath*)...sausage rolls, pork pies, snack eggs, jellies, dip-pots, gum, cereal bars, popcorns, nuts and seeds, veggie snacks, water, smoothies, soft drinks, juice...(*gasp for breath*)...milk, milkshakes, energy drink, chilled coffee... there's so much we could be here a very long time...

*Jamie Does Lunch is excluded.

Boots Meal Deal from £3.29

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