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Product description

Excessive sweating and body odour causes sufferers untold misery and leads to a loss of confidence and much social embarrassment. Sweat dripping from the forehead, hands or underarms is a nightmare, however, this problem is now controllable. For 40 years, Odaban antiperspirant has offered targeted yet gentle help.

Odaban Antiperspirant spray is gentle and effective offering long lasting protection for most areas of the body. Whether making an important business presentation or holding hands on a date, no matter what the ambient temperature, Odaban will bring you freedom to concentrate and of course, a new found confidence. Dermatologists, Pharmacists, Podiatrists and Doctors have long recommended Odaban Antiperspirant spray worldwide. The convenient and unique pump spray is 100% free from perfumes and allergy inducing products.

The Many Uses of Odaban
Odaban is the most effective and safest antiperspirant for the control of excessive sweating (Hyperhidrosis) and the associated complications of body odour, sweat rashes, “Athlete’s Foot”, sports blistering and chafing, especially that experienced by the wearers of artificial limbs.

Odaban can be used to control the complications of excessive sweating for the below areas of the body:

  • Head and Face
  • Hands
  • Feet
  • Underarms
  • Back and Front torso
  • Intimate areas

How does Odaban work
Radio-isotope tests have shown that the active ingredients of Odaban do not stop the sweat glands from working. The drying effect of Odaban is produced by poral "plugs," formed from a combination of aluminium and skin protein. It is the partial blocking of the sweat ducts by these poral "plugs" that causes a re-routing of the perspiration to the blood capillaries where it is transported to areas of the skin from which evaporation can take place more easily or to the kidneys for excretion. The net result is to leave the treated skin area dry and without compensatory sweating elsewhere on the body.

Why is Odaban different
The unique, non-aqueous, silicone formulation helps prevent the skin irritancy experienced with other products; whilst Odaban's hermetically sealed container prevents the damaging water contamination associated with roll-ons and felt tip dispensers. Odaban's revolutionary pump spray also ensures an accurate and consistent dose that helps avoid over application; this means that even children and those with sensitive skins can experience the swift relief that comes with having dry skin.

The Odaban product range is offered for sale with a full money-back guarantee for up to 45 days after purchase. Should you be unhappy for any reason with your product, please call 0161 962 8071 and you will receive a refund, no questions asked.

How to Use

1. Application usually required once or twice weekly

2. Ensure the skin is perfectly dry before applying Odaban, a light dusting of talc may be required. Delay application after bathing for at least an hour.

3. Apply only one spray last thing at night when relaxed. Women and those with sensitive skins should talc and apply very sparingly on cotton wool.

4. The next morning bathe and dry the treated areas. Never apply Odaban during the day.

Foot problems

Use daily for one week to eliminate odour, itch and scale - thereafter once or twice weekly. Occasional use will help prevent sports blistering and other problems of wetness' and chafing.

Hazards and Cautions

Do not apply to wet skin. Avoid contact with clothes, polished surfaces, the mouth and eyes or broken skin.

Store in cool place, avoid flame

Keep out of reach of children

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Odaban Antiperspirant spray


4.54 out of 5 based on 39 user reviews Problem Perspiration

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Odaban Antiperspirant spray 4.5 5 39 39
Really works! Unlike a load of other products of world-class brands i have tried before, this one really works. I bought it after seeing an advert and reading the reviews. I only experienced a bit of wetness when I decided to wear hand moisturiser, but I suppose that if my hands are feeling too dry, I no longer need to apply the antiperspirant everyday. 17 August 2010
Simply amazing results This product is great and does exactly what it says. I have suffered from excessive sweating im my armpits for five years, it has got to the stage where not only do i sweat straight through my t-shirt but also through my jumper/hoody with in one to two hours of putting them on. I have to wear dark coloured jumpers and can never just wear a T-shirt no matter what colour. Having read the reviews I was hopeful but couldn't imagine it would actually work having had the problem for so long. I have now been using the product for a week, from the second day i started to see the results and by day three my underarms were completely dry all day. But the real test came today, when having to wear a shirt I have visible sweat marks within minutes and in less than half an hour my sweat patches nearly reach the bottom of my ribs. Today presenting infront of course leaders and other students I spent over an hour in a white shirt without so much as a drop of sweat. This product is just unbelievable I would never have believed it possible but I no longer have a sweating problem. So so so happy. in terms of it itching of a night time it can be irritating but not too bad to get to sleep and the irritation doesn't last all night. The less spray you use the less irritation, would recommend applying with cotton wool. 08 February 2013
Worked wonders after 2 weeks of use I had no problems with sweat from my armpits until i got to 21ish. After that it started feeling like i was constantly working out with the amount of sweat coming from them. I tried a lot of antiperspirants and deodorants to combat it, but none seemed to work. In some cases it made it worse. Wearing the same shirt for more than 6 hours was a worry. The smell was particularly getting me down and making me pretty conscious of things i'd do. A mutual friend then told me about this. I bought a bottle for myself and my sister. The first application gave off the same kind of stingy sensation alcohol based hand washes give. It wasn't unpleasant, but slightly noticeable for a few seconds. I carried on with nightly applications for 3 nights and washing my armpits in the morning. On the morning after the 3rd application i was in some discomfort and red splotches had appeared where applied. I washed my armpits as normal and the discomfort passed after awhile. I then started using it every 2-3 days and by the second week the difference was amazing. The stuff really works. The price may seem steep, but the saving i've made from not having to change my shirt every 6 hours is worth it. Sometimes i get a bit damp under the arms, but nothing compared to what i was going through. I use a spray on deodorant as well just to be sure. I would recommend 1 to 2 squirts be used. Anymore and it can bring out the discomfort and splotches on me. It doesn't help that the spray nozzle on my original bottle was defective, so i was never sure if enough had been applied. I could have used the applying with cotton wool method, but i'm too lazy. In short if you have a lot of excess sweat from your armpits give this a try for 2-3weeks. 02 June 2011
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Odaban is the most effective and safest antiperspirant for the control of excessive sweating. For over forty years Odaban Antiperspirant Spray has consistently proven itself in treating underarm wetness, foot problems, wet palms, facial sweating, etc.

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