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Frequently asked questions


Giving up smoking isn't easy. We know that it can be difficult to quit, and you may have already tried and failed to do so in the past. However, we hope these frequently asked questions from Nicotinell will give you lots of useful information about how you can gradually reduce the number of cigarettes you smoke, making quitting easier.

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 1.  What is the best way to cut down or quit cigarettes?

A. Different things work for different people when they are trying to give up smoking. If you want to cut down or quit smoking altogether you may find that a combination of a nicotine replacement therapy product to help you manage the nicotine cravings, together with the right support, will help. Go to where you can use lots of useful tools to help you find a suitable product.

 2.  What is included in the Nicotinell range?

A. The Nicotinell range consists of Nicotinell TTS Patches, Nicotinell Lozenges and Nicotinell Medicated Chewing Gum which contain different strengths of nicotine to help you manage your cravings, so that you can enjoy life unfiltered.

 3.  How can Nicotinell products help me control my smoking?

A. However many cigarettes you smoke, Nicotinell can offer you options to help you become smoke-free, whether you quit straight away or reduce your smoking gradually. Nicotinell can help you be twice as likely to succeed when you give up gradually versus will power alone. If you want to give up gradually try Nicotinell TTS Patches or Nicotinell Medicated Chewing Gum which contain different strengths of nicotine to help you manage your cravings, so that you can enjoy life unfiltered.

Nicotine is a powerful stimulant and when it enters the bloodstream through smoking it triggers the release of dopamine, a chemical in the brain that helps you experience emotion and feelings of pleasure. It is these feelings that can make you crave a cigarette.

 4.  How do I know which Nicotinell product is right for me?

A. Nicotinell TTS Patches, Nicotinell Medicated Chewing Gum and Nicotinell Lozenges can all help you to live your life without cigarettes. It depends on your smoking habits and personal preference which product is going to be the most beneficial for you.

 5.  By using a Nicotinell product, will I not just be swapping one addiction for another?

A. Nicotinell TTS Patches, Nicotinell Lozenges and Nicotinell Medicated Chewing Gum provide a lower amount of nicotine than cigarettes, to help you manage your cravings. Unlike cigarettes, these products don't contain tar, poisons or carbon monoxide, so they're safer to use, and less addictive. Nicotinell TTS Patches, Nicotinell Lozenges and Nicotinell Medicated Chewing Gum are available in different strengths. The aim is to gradually reduce the strength and frequency of the chosen Nicotinell product over time, so eventually you can give up completely.

 6.  Can I use more than one Nicotinell product at the same time?

A. Yes, if you're a heavy smoker and haven't been able to quit using a single nicotine replacement product before then you may want to try using more than one Nicotinell product at the same time, which is called combination therapy. You can use Nicotinell TTS Patches in conjunction with Nicotinell Medicated Chewing Gum to help manage your cravings. The patches can provide you with a constant supply of nicotine, but if at any time you feel a strong urge to smoke, you can use the gum to try and ease the craving.

However, combination therapy is not recommended for long-term use, or for Nicotinell Lozenges, and you should speak to your doctor, nurse or pharmacist before starting on this treatment course.

 7.  Are there any side effects to using nicotine replacement patches or gum?

A. Nicotine replacement products are widely used and have a proven safety record. However, like all medicines, Nicotinell products can cause side effects, although not everyone will get them.

Common side effects include:

  • Redness or itching after using a patch
  • Dizziness
  • Headaches
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Abdominal discomfort
  • Disturbed sleep

If your side effects continue, do not improve or cause you concern you should speak to your doctor or pharmacist.

 8.  Will I put on weight if I quit smoking?

A. This is a common concern about quitting smoking, but not everyone gains weight when they give up. Smoking will suppress your appetite, so you may feel hungrier if you stop smoking. Using nicotine replacement products may help because you are quitting smoking gradually, rather than giving up very suddenly.

Another benefit to giving up smoking is that you may find it easier to breathe, and you may find it easier to be active. Regular exercise will not only help you control your weight, it will also improve your fitness levels and help to ease your cravings.

 9.  I smoke over 40 cigarettes a day. Should I cut down gradually or give up completely?

A. Whether you choose to cut down gradually or give up completely, you will need to manage your nicotine cravings and change your habits. Being prepared and planning how and when you are going to cut down or give up should help your chances of being successful at giving up smoking.

10. How do I cut down before I quit for good?

A. It can be hard to go 'cold turkey' and give up cigarettes completely. Because nicotine is addictive it can cause withdrawal symptoms when you quit. It's also hard to break a habit like smoking if it has become part of your routine.

Nicotinell can help you be twice as likely to succeed when you cut down gradually versus willpower alone. It may help to try and cut out the cigarettes at the time of day that you enjoy them the least or at a time of day when it is most inconvenient to have a cigarette. If you can think of times when you don't really fancy having a cigarette, try to cut these out first.

11. How long will my cravings go on for?

A. You can expect to feel strong cravings for a few weeks after you quit smoking. Your cravings will be intense for the first two or three days but then will start to lessen. Everyone is different and it can take approximately three months for cravings to calm down or completely disappear and for some people it can take even longer.

12. What happens if I start smoking again?

A. It is very hard to give up smoking so it's important to stay positive. Not everyone successfully gives up smoking at their first attempt, but that doesn't mean you won't succeed. Some people find it easier to gradually reduce their smoking, rather than giving up all at once. It may help to think about what triggered you to start smoking again and how you could avoid the temptation in the future.

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The Nicotinell product range includes TTS Patch, Medicated Chewing Gum and Lozenge. These products contain nicotine and are stop smoking aids. You should always read the label and you are advised that willpower is required

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