Science behind Nanogen for Women

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Science behind Nanogen (for Women)

Find out how Nanogen helps women maintain healthy hair and creates the appearance of thicker-looking hair.

Find out more about the science that Nanogen has applied to its supplement, Hair Growth Factors and styling products to help women maintain healthy hair.

Some women find that maintaining healthy hair that doesn't break easily and has a vibrant shine can be a challenge. As with the rest of the body, hair requires a careful balance of nutrients, minerals and enzymes to help it look and feel as healthy as possible.

Science behind Hair Growth Factors

Healthy hair growth is controlled by a natural cycle, with every individual hair at a different stage of the cycle at any given time. Nanogen Hair Growth Factors support hair while maintaining healthy hair at each stage of the natural cycle.

For hair to grow as part of the natural hair cycle, which includes growing new hair, a growth phase called anagen needs to be stimulated. Vascular Endothelial Growth Factors (VEGF) produced by your body is very important in this process. Nanogen contains VEGF, which are derived from plants.

Three stages are required to bring about anagen and healthy hair growth:

  • Stage 1: Cell proliferation
    The base of a hair follicle contains a form of stem cells called dermal papilla. These cells need to multiply rapidly to create the cells that form hair. This proliferation requires many nutrients and oxygen. VEGF cause blood vessels to widen, increasing blood flow to support this growth.

  • Stage 2: Cell migration
    When these stem cells have multiplied, they must move to particular positions to form the structure of the hair. This means they need to communicate with each other and organise their "cellular skeleton" to enable them to move. VEGF produced by your body increase glycoprotein production in certain cells. These glycoproteins allow cells to communicate, move and stick to each other. The body's VEGF act as a signal for migration itself in certain cases and increases the width of blood vessels, called vasodilation, allowing the movement of cells.

  • Stage 3: Angiogenesis
    Growing hair needs nutrients and oxygen, so new small blood vessels form to feed the growing hair. This is called angiogenesis. The body's VEGF promote angiogenesis in new hair follicles and existing hair that isn't getting enough oxygen.Nanogen Hair Growth Factor It also increases another substance, nitric oxide, which causes existing blood vessels to become wider and more blood to reach where it is needed.

    Hair falls out when signalled to do so by cells surrounding the hair. The body's VEGF are part of the system blocking these signals, balancing and regulating the follicle to retain hair until it falls out naturally to regrow.

    After hair has fallen out naturally it enters a phase called telogen. The body's VEGF reduce the time hair spends in this resting phase by maintaining the right conditions for re-entry into the hair growth phase, anagen.

Science behind the Nanogen styling range

Getting the look of a full head of hair instantly is easy ? it only takes around 30 seconds ? so you may be surprised to learn that a host of different technologies are employed to make Nanogen Hair Fibres simple to use.

  1. Active dispensing
    It's not just about the product itself but how you apply it, too! For example, the Nanogen Hair Fibres jar has been specially designed to give the fibres the maximum electrostatic charge, to give the best possible binding to hair. The patent-pending design includes a unique electrostatic strip to regulate the charge, giving you the same amazing result every time. In independent tests, Nanofibres have 400% more charge than other hair fibres tested.

  2. Electrostatic coating
    Each individual keratin fibre has an electrostatic coating that is unique to Nanogen. It is this coating that means Nanofibres are dipolar-charged, which means they bind perpendicularly to the hair so every fibre appears to thicken your natural hair as much as possible.

    An independent test has shown that Nanogen Fibres have significant perpendicular binding, to give the appearance of real hair density. The same test also showed that Nanogen dipolar-charged fibres bind better to hair even in high humidity, or after using some conditioners that might change the charge of hair, compared to other fibres tested which are not dipolar-charged.

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