Getting started with Nanogen for Women

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Information & Advice

Getting started with Nanogen (for Women)

It can be easy for women to get fuller-looking hair with Nanogen hair products. Get hints and tips on how to use them here.

Nanogen hair products for women may be widely used in professional clinics but they are still easy to use at home. Just follow our hints and tips.

How to use Nanogen products with Hair Growth Factors

  1. Nanogen Shampoo
    This one's simple - just use it like any other "normal" shampoo. It's gentle, so you can use it every day or whenever you normally wash your hair.

    Tip: Do you like a lot of foam? You can get very thick and creamy foam using Nanogen shampoos, but because they are free from sulphate detergents, you need to try this little trick first. Use a little bit of the shampoo on wet hair, give it a quick massage and then rinse it off. Now reapply a full application of shampoo and give it a good massage to create an incredibly rich and dense foam.

  2. Nanogen Conditioner
    Nanogen Conditioner doesn't weigh down the hair, even if you use it every day. It contains Hair Growth Factors and has thickening properties, too. Use it when you feel you need it. Make sure you massage it into the roots so all your hair is nourished, not just the ends.

  3. Nanogen Treatment Mask
    Treat yourself once a week or fortnightly by using the sumptuous Nanogen Hair Mask. It needs about 10 minutes to really soak in, so try saving it for weekends, when you have more time, or when you're having a relaxing bath. Make sure you use plenty and you will feel the benefit!

  4. Nanogen Serum
    Nanogen Serum is really easy to apply. Nanogen recommends using it every day, in the evening. Just fill the dropper and apply it directly on to your scalp. The glass tube reaches through hair easily, even if it's long or curly. Squeeze the dropper gently to make a random pattern of dots over the required area until the dropper is empty. You can either massage it in or just let the drops dry naturally, whichever you prefer.

    The serum is very light and non-sticky, spreads easily and leaves a cooling sensation. It dries in around two minutes and you would never even know it's there.

  5. Nanogen Scalp Hydrator
    If you get a dry and itchy scalp, try the Nanogen Scalp Hydrator spray, enriched with Hair Growth Factor. Just spray it on to dry hair or use the nozzle to get right into the scalp. You can massage it in and through your hair or just leave it to dry. Either way, you should feel more comfortable almost immediately and your hair will look shiny.

Nanogen Thickening Conditioner Nanogen Treatment Mask Nanogen Scalp Hydrator

Using Nanogen Conceal & Style products

  1. Nanogen Hair Fibres

    • These can be applied in seconds
    • Gently shake on to dry hair
    • Blend in thoroughly with fingers. Repeat if necessary
    • For best results it's recommended that you secure the hair fibres in place with Nanogen Fibre Locking Mist

    Tip: Apply a very small amount of fibres and blend them, then repeat two or three times. By building up the amount of fibres gradually you make sure you never use too much and get the best result for you every time.

  2. Choose the perfect colour for you
    Nanogen Hair Fibres are available in 10 different colour shades, which can be combined to create the best colour match for your hair. Aquamatch is available in black and brown shades, and matches the hair fibres' colour exactly. Please select a colour to match from the chart:

    Nanogen Black Nanofibres
    Nanogen Dark-Brown Nanofibres
    Nanogen Medium-Brown Nanofibres
    Nanogen Light-Brown Nanofibres
    Nanogen Auburn Nanofibres

    Black only suits oriental jet black hair.
    Dark Brown suits the darkest of brown hair.
    Medium Brown suits most medium-to-darker brown hair shades.
    Use Light Brown for lighter brown to very dark blonde colours.
    Auburn is Medium Brown with a touch of red

    Nanogen Cinnamon Nanofibres
    Nanogen Dark-Blonde Nanofibres
    Nanogen Light-Blonde Nanofibres
    Nanogen Grey Nanofibres
    Nanogen White Nanofibres

    Cinnamon is Light Brown with a touch of red.
    Dark Blonde is a full honey colour, and Light Blonde is a lighter sandy tone.
    To match blonde highlights, add a small amount of light or dark blonde to your 'main' colour.
    Add Grey for darker grey hair or a small amount for matching the salt 'n' pepper look.
    Add White for pure white hair or mix with grey for light grey hair

    Nanogen Nanofibres colours will match Nanogen Aquamatch colours. All Nanogen colours blend perfectly.

    Follow these colour tips to help select the right shade for you:

    • Black only suits oriental jet black hair.
    • Dark Brown suits the darkest of brown hair.
    • Medium Brown suits most medium-to-darker brown hair shades.
    • Use Light Brown for lighter brown to very dark blonde colours.

  3. Complete hair camouflage
    You can combine Nanogen Conceal & Style products to get a "salon-perfect" look, giving the appearance of thicker hair. By combining Aquamatch with Nanogen Hair Fibres, not only do you get a total transformation but you actually use less of each product, making it a very cost-effective combination.

    1. Apply Aquamatch directly on to the scalp to conceal scars and thinning hairlines or wide partings.
    2. Then shake Nanogen Hair Fibres on to the hair and blend in with your fingertips for incredible hair density.
    3. Finally, secure the hair fibres in place with Nanogen Fibre Locking Mist for a secure and water-resistant hold.

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