The baby name game

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The baby name game

The baby name game

What's in a name? Traditional or unique, it's decision time...

Whether you're more inclined to stay traditional, get inspiration from the top names, or make a statement with something more unique, the important thing is to pick a name you think your baby will happily grow into.

With millions of names to choose from, how do you start narrowing down your options? Here are our top tips:

  1. If you're open to all options, start with a baby book and write a list of any names that might be in the running
  2. Start to narrow it down: 'Justin Case' you haven't already done so, think about how the potential first name sounds with your surname
  3. If you're giving your baby a middle name consider any words their initials will spell
  4. Consider how proud your parents would be if you chose a family name, even as a middle name and what that might mean to you too. Obviously don't give into any pressure, but it might be worth a trip down memory lane to find the perfect name
  5. Make a shortlist of your favourite names. Say them over and over and see if any stand out any more than others

There are many ways to find inspiration for baby names as some of our Parenting Club fans have told us:

"My mum kept reading the Births and Deaths section of the paper and bringing me 'round weekly lists. Although slightly weird, it helped me think about some names I might not have considered otherwise."

"I found out that I was having a boy so I asked my parents what I would have been called if I was a boy. They told me Jack, which is what we ended up calling our son - it felt like a really nice connection."

"I named my baby girl after my best friend -she's such a positive person and it seemed like the perfect name when she arrived."

A survey on the Boots Parenting Club Facebook page revealed that 25% of people chose a name "because it was just something they liked."

But don't worry: If you really can't make up your mind, you've got six weeks after the baby's birth to decide on and register their name - we're sure you'll soon put your finger on the perfect name once you meet your new arrival.

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