An extra hour in your day

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An extra hour in your day

Follow these tips to save 60 minutes a day for extra me-time

Make your house safe for children

Found! An extra hour in your day

Follow these tips to save 60 minutes a day for extra me-time

Try these to save...

  • 5minutes
  • 10minutes
  • 20minutes
  • 25 minutes

Doubling up

Keep a spare changing mat behind the sofa and a small basket of nappies, wipes and cream in your front room so you don't have to go upstairs every time your baby needs changing.

Also try...

Going hands free

Keep your baby safe and amused in a door jumper while you enjoy a cup of tea or do your make-up. Most jumpers come with a sturdy clamp so you can fit them securely in any door frame. Choose one with plenty of 'dangling' toys, for maximum fun. Make sure you never leave baby unattended in a door jumper.

Every time you go upstairs try to think of one thing you can take with you or do on the way. It's a great way to stop a little clutter turning into a big clear-up. Verity Wislocki, mum to Charlie, Tommy, and Violet

Doing evening-before chores

As well as getting your baby's clothes out each night, sort out yours too so you can get dressed quickly. Try replenishing your nappy bag each evening - it'll save you searching for essentials in the morning. And try setting the breakfast table and making yourself lunch - it's surprising how often mums forget they need to eat, too.

Also try...

Tackling the toys

Have a box or bucket in your kitchen or sitting room for toys at the end of the day. Don't stress about sorting them out, just put the lid on the box - it's amazing how mentally refreshing it is to sit in a room with no kids' stuff in it.

Having a weekly mealplan

This is great for your family's taste buds and budget, too. By planning ahead you'll know what ingredients you need so you don't over-shop. Build different textures and flavours into each meal, and plan an easy tea for your little one on a busy day.

Also try...

Falling in love with the freezer

Make weaning easier by cooking up batches of puree and freezing them in ice-cube trays. This way you can pop out a combination of flavours. Plus they're easily transported in a snap-lid container for meals on the move.

Stretch food out over a number of meals - top Monday's bolognese with mashed potato for Tuesday's cottage pie. Use leftover mash with Wednesday's sausages. Nikki Harris, mum to Beau, Maisie, and Oliver

Shopping smart

Once a week or fortnight (maybe during your baby's lunchtime nap), do an online shop for all your food and babycare basics - and save time on shopping trips. Remember, you can get all your health and beauty buys at, and earn Boots Advantage Card points at the same time.

Also try...

Doing a babysitting swap

Organise for your kids to go to a friend's for an hour or so, and then return the favour. That way, you get some "me-time" every other week.

3 ways to...

spend your new free time!
  1. Treat yourself to a DIY manicure - try Boots Mini Manicure Set
  2. Book a body massage - there's nothing like a massage to help you unwind and de-stress.
  3. Take time out with a face mask - try Sanctuary Skin Time Reversal Face Mask 75ml

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