Treating acne

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Treating acne

Find out how to banish spots and heal your skin with Lumie Clear light therapy


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Lumie Clear offers a natural alternative to creams and prescriptions, for those who suffer from spots or mild acne

Most teenagers suffer from spots or mild acne at some point and, for some, it can continue into adulthood.

If you are feeling self-conscious about another outbreak of spots and would like a natural alternative to creams, consider Lumie Clear. Lumie may help with mild to moderate cases of spots.

What causes acne?

Hormonal changes are thought to trigger acne. Testosterone is the most likely culprit as it triggers sebaceous (oil-producing) glands in the skin to produce more natural oils.

A knock-on effect can be that dead skin cells aren't shed properly and clog up the follicles. This is when whiteheads and blackheads (where oil in the pores has darkened) start to form.

In addition, Propionibacterium acnes also plays a part. These bacteria are on everyone's skin and don't usually cause any problems but, unfortunately, the build-up of oil provides the ideal environment for them to multiply. This can trigger inflammation and the formation of red or pus-filled spots.

Testosterone levels change most dramatically around puberty and also during menstruation and pregnancy, which explains why many people may suffer from spots or acne at these times. Others may just be particularly sensitive to the hormone, even at normal levels.

Lumie Clear

How Lumie Clear works

Many people with acne find that their skin improves after being in the sun and research has shown two parts of the spectrum – blue and red light – to be particularly beneficial. Lumie Clear uses blue light (~415nm) to attack the Propionibacterium acnes bacteria and red light (~660nm) to soothe inflammation and help the skin heal. Lumie worked closely with the team of leading dermatologist Dr Tony Chu, based at Hammersmith hospital in London, to develop Lumie Clear. His team has been heavily involved in researching natural alternatives to over-the-counter treatments and antibiotics. In a study involving 100 patients, those using combination blue-red light therapy saw a real difference after four weeks and at 12 weeks their skin was 76 percent less inflamed and 56 percent clearer*.

*Br J Dermatol. 2000 May;142(5):973-8.

Tips for using Lumie Clear

Lumie Clear is suitable for mild to moderate acne. Treatment can take as little 15 minutes a day when the device is held next to the skin. Longer treatments, such as an hour or so, are necessary if you opt to use Lumie Clear at a distance while you get on with something else.

  • Lumie Clear can be used on the face, back and shoulders, or even other areas affected by acne.
  • For best results, hold it next to the skin for 15 minutes of intensive treatment.
  • Use the stand for a longer, hands-free session to treat a wider area.
  • Make Lumie Clear part of a daily skin care routine, focusing on the same affected areas each time.
  • You are likely to see a noticeable improvement within four weeks so stick with it.
  • After 12 weeks skin should be much clearer and less red.

Spots and acne are most common on the face, back and shoulders. If you are unsure if the condition is acne, please consult your doctor. Lumie Clear can be used in combination with other creams and prescriptions but please check with your doctor first. Always read the instructions for Lumie Clear before use.

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