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What is a Medicines Check-Up?

Published December 2008

What is a Medicines Check-Up? 

A Medicines Check-Up is a chance for you to sit down and talk to a Boots pharmacist about your medicines. It is an informal chat about your medication.

During the Medicines Check-Up you will be able to find out more about your medicines and what they do, how well they work for you and also how you can get the most out of them.

Sometimes small changes, such as the time of day that you take your medicine, can change how well it works and may improve your symptoms even more. Your Boots pharmacist will discuss the best way to take your medicines with you to make sure you get the most from them.

The Medicines Check-Up is free and will usually last around 10 minutes. It is completely confidential and you and your GP will receive a record of the discussion. 


Is the Medicines Check-Up for me?

Around 600 of our pharmacies in England and Wales offer Medicines Check-Up and, if you have been collecting your medicines from one of these pharmacies for the last three months, you can have a Medicines Check-Up there. This means that the pharmacist will have more information about you and your medicines so that we can achieve the best results from your Medicines Check-Up.

A Medicines Check-Up will give you both more time to concentrate on you and your medicines and help you to get the most from them. 


How do I arrange one?

Ask your local Boots pharmacist whether they offer this service. If they do then they can arrange a convenient time for you to call in for your Medicines Check-Up.

Remember, you can ask your Boots pharmacist questions at any time, even if you do not regularly collect your medicines from us.

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