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DuoFertility FAQs

If you are trying to have a baby and are interested in learning more about the DuoFertility ovulation calculator, then read our frequently asked questions and answers to find out more.

Published 07/01/2011

How does DuoFertility work? Are there any side effects? Who can use it? All these questions and more are answered here.

Trying to have a baby can be an emotional time, especially if getting pregnant is not as easy as you had hoped. If you are considering using DuoFertility you may have lots of questions, so we have tried to pull together some of the most frequently asked questions and their answers.

Q. What is the DuoFertility monitor?

A. DuoFertility is a fertility monitor that uses the latest technology to create a simple and convenient way to help pinpoint fertile days with high accuracy.

Q. How does DuoFertility monitor work?

A. The DuoFertility fertility monitor consists of a small sensor and a hand-held reader. The sensor is attached to an adhesive patch, about 3cm in diameter, which is worn discreetly under the arm. It records temperature continuously and detects when ovulation occurs using a sophisticated version of the basal body temperature method.

Basal body temperature is the lowest temperature attained by the body during rest (usually during sleep). It is generally measured immediately after awakening and before any physical activity has been undertaken, although the temperature measured at that time is somewhat higher than the true basal body temperature.

A woman tends to have a lower temperature before ovulation and a higher temperature afterwards. Ovulation causes an increase of one-half to one degree Fahrenheit (one-quarter to one-half degree Celsius) in basal body temperature and therefore monitoring basal body temperature is one way of estimating the day of ovulation.

The DuoFertility method has been shown to be incredibly accurate at detecting the most fertile days of a woman's cycle, and has completely eliminated the need to wake up early to take temperature measurements.

Q. Who is Duofertility for?

A. DuoFertility could be a useful support for anyone trying to get pregnant naturally. Whether you have been trying for just a few short months and want the feeling of control that comes from knowing your fertility patterns, if you have irregular cycles, or even if you have a known medical condition that may affect your chances of falling pregnant naturally, DuoFertility may be able to help. Bear in mind, the DuoFertility monitor can only be used by women and can only be used on humans.

Q. Does the DuoFertility monitor work?

A. DuoFertility has been used and tested by many couples trying to become pregnant and there are some wonderful success stories from many people who feel DuoFertility helped them.

Q. How do I use it?

A. You wear a small stick on patch under your arm (the sensor), which continuously records information about your monthly cycle. The data can then easily be transferred to a hand held reader for interpretation.

The reader can be connected to a computer, in the same way you would connect a digital camera, and this will allow you and your partner to visualise the results and record additional information to provide a more rounded picture.

If the internet is connected, all the data is securely transferred to the DuoFertility server, which allows the team of fertility consultants to review your data and offer any advice you might need.

Q. What is the scientific evidence behind it?

A. Numerous studies on the method DuoFertility uses have repeatedly demonstrated that it can detect a woman's fertile days with great accuracy. This is under controlled conditions where there are no missed measurements and any measurements are taken immediately on waking, at the same time every day. DuoFertility allows woman to ensure that all of these conditions can be easily met in their home.

The fundamental advance in DuoFertility is continuous body temperature measurement, which eliminates the possibility of missed or mistimed measurements and therefore provides home users and their doctors with data that's as accurate as possible. DuoFertility measures your temperature continuously and works out when you are sleeping most deeply. The measurement of your temperature is therefore independent of late nights, early mornings, or even interrupted sleep. Only the best quality measurements from up to 20,000 points collected during the night are used in monitoring your ovulation.

A recent study has highlighted that the use of DuoFertility for six months gave the same chances of pregnancy as one cycle of IVF to couples with specific conditions. This is particularly true for couples with unexplained infertility, secondary infertility, and mild male factor infertility. Male factor infertility is the term used to describe occasions where it is the man who is infertile, rather than the woman.

Q. Are there any side effects to using DuoFertility monitor?

A. There are no known side effects to using DuoFertility. It is completely natural and does not interfere with your body. It simply monitors the physiological changes that occur during your cycle to indicate which days are the most fertile.

Q. Can I use the DuoFertility monitor with irregular cycles?

A. Carefully monitoring your ovulation is particularly important if you have irregular cycles.Knowing when you ovulate and identifying fertile days can be reassuring. Having intercourse in the most fertile time of the cycle (just before and just after ovulation) can triple the chances of getting pregnant. With irregular cycles, it is harder to identify these key days and therefore this is where a monitor like DuoFertility can be of great help.

Q. Can I use the DuoFertility monitor for contraception purposes?

A. No. Using the DuoFertility monitor to track ovulating days is not a proven contraceptive method.

How do I get more sticky pads for the sensor?

A. Simply call the DuoFertility customer support team.

Q. Can I use the DuoFertility monitor if I have polycystic ovaries?

A. Absolutely. However it is important to note that not every woman with polycystic ovaries ovulates, and it may therefore be necessary to take some form of prescribed medication to assist ovulation. DuoFertility can be used alongside fertility drugs and other medications. We would advise anyone with polycystic ovaries to consult with their doctor if they are unsure.

Q. Can I use the DuoFertility monitor if I have unexplained infertility?

A. Understanding when you are ovulating and, therefore, when you are most fertile can help you maximise your chances of getting pregnant. If you have been unable to get pregnant, but there is no apparent explanation, then DuoFertility may help you identify irregular patterns that may be associated with a particular condition and DuoFertility's fertility specialists will help you review this.

Q. How long will it take to get pregnant?

A. It is impossible to predict how long it will take to get pregnant. It varies a lot depending on your personal circumstances: for example your age and your medical history. However, by helping to predict the most fertile days in your monthly cycle, DuoFertility can maximise your chances of falling pregnant naturally. You can feel reassured that you are making the most of each cycle.

Q. How does the DuoFertility compare to other fertility monitors?

A. DuoFertility uses a different technology to other ovulation tests. This means that it can predict when you are going to be most fertile, but it also confirms whether or not you have ovulated. Other ovulation tests are generally able to predict when ovulation is likely to occur, but do not confirm it.

If you have irregular cycles, polycystic ovaries or are taking fertility treatments, these factors can interfere with conventional ovulation tests but DuoFertility still works under all of these conditions.

Q. Who is DuoFertility made by?

A. DuoFertility is manufactured in the UK by Cambridge Temperature Concepts Ltd., a company associated with the University of Cambridge.

Q. Is it going to work on my computer?

A. The DuoFertility monitor is compatible with Mac (MacOS 10.4 or higher )and PC (Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000).

Q. Do I need specific software to use it?

A. All the software is on the reader so you do not need to download any specialist software. You will need to connect the reader to your PC or laptop with the USB cable provided to use the software on your PC.

Q. Is the sensor comfortable to wear?

A. The sensor is very comfortable and discreet. If you have very sensitive skin and do not wish to use the adhesives, an armband is available.

Q. Does it interfere with any medical equipment?

A. The DuoFertility sensor is a passive monitoring device, so it will not interfere with medical equipment. However we do not recommend that you wear your sensor if you are undergoing medical investigation involving MRI scans, for example.

Q. I use an ovulation test. Would this be a useful complement?

A. The ovulation tests and the DuoFertility monitor use different methods to predict the fertile days, so there is an advantage to using both. On the DuoFertility monitor/software you can record the results of the tests so they can be taken into account in the analysis of your cycle, and the DuoFertility consultants will be able to help you review the results if required.

Q. Can I use DuoFertility if I am taking a fertility treatment?

A. DuoFertility can be used while you are taking fertility treatment. Fertility treatments usually interfere with ovulation kits but, because DuoFertility monitors temperature and not hormone levels, this will not interfere with the results.

Q. Can my doctor prescribe the DuoFertility monitor?

A. DuoFertility is not yet available on the NHS, so your doctor would not be able to prescribe the monitor to you.

Q. How qualified are the specialists on the support team?

A. DuoFertility has a range of scientists that are here to support you while using the product. We have a designated customer support team including medical doctors, PhDs in fertility, biologists and a technical support team.

Q. Do I have to pay additional fees for the support?

A. The support from fertility consultants and technical support is all included in the price of the 12 month programme.

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