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How can Complan help?

Complan is a range of delicious easy-to-mix drinks, and ready-to-drink milkshakes and smoothies that contain a careful balance of both micronutrients (vitamins and minerals) and macronutrients (carbohydrate, protein and fat).

Complan contains 26 vitamins and minerals, including:*

  • Vitamin B button

    B vitamins
    to help your body release energy from macronutrients

  • Vitamin C and Iron button

    Vitamin C and iron
    which help to support norrmal immune function

  • Protein button

    for muscle growth and maintenance

  • Calcium and vitamin D button

    Calcium & vitamin D
    for maintenance of normal bones

The mix of micronutrients and macronutrients makes Complan a more comprehensive nutritional option than the majority of supplement tablets or tonics (which typically only provide vitamins and minerals), and makes the drinks ideal for anyone in need of extra nutrition.

Complan range

Why is nutrition important?

Good nutrition is essential for the maintenance of a healthy body. Nutrients perform a variety of different roles in this. Protein helps with the growth and maintenance of muscle, while carbohydrates and fats provide fuel for the body. Vitamins and minerals are vital for energy release, healthy bones and good immune function.

To maintain good health, you need to consume a balanced diet from a variety of sources, and keep all of these different nutrients topped-up.

Nutrition isn't always easy

Sometimes it's difficult to make sure we get the nutrition we need to maintain our general health and well-being. Depending on the person or the circumstance, this could be triggered by all sorts of things, from stress, a bout of illness, or ageing, to something simple like dental work. At times like these, it's important to ensure you continue to receive enough nutrients to support your body and provide you with energy.

Which kind of Complan is right for me?

Complan comes in a range of delicious flavours and formats, to suit a variety of different tastes.

The versatile easy-to-mix drinks – which can also be added to foods and drinks to add extra nutrition – come in both sweet and savoury flavours, including original and chicken, as well as strawberry, chocolate, vanilla and banana.

The range of ready-to-drink milkshakes and smoothies come in even more tasty flavours, including strawberry and chocolate milkshake, juicy berry smoothie and tropical smoothie. These convenient cartons can be enjoyed at room temperature, but taste even better chilled.

Ways to enjoy Complan

Try an Apple and Raspberry Refresher:


  • 1 sachet easy-to-mix vanilla Complan (or 4 tbsps of Original)
  • 200ml apple and raspberry juice drink


  1. Measure 200ml apple and raspberry juice drink in a jug
  2. Add the Complan and whisk until dissolved.
  3. Add ice to enjoy

serving suggestion

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*It is important to follow a healthy lifestyle and consume a varied and balanced diet. Complan contains: protein which contributes to a growth and maintenance in muscle mass; B vitamins including vitamin B12 which contribute to normal energy-yielding metabolism; vitamin D and calcium which contribute to the maintenance of normal bones; vitamin C and iron which contribute to the normal function of the immune system.

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