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Product description

Clearblue Fertility Monitor can help you by identifying the days you are most likely to become pregnant. When you make love on these days, you have the greatest chance of conceiving your baby.

There are only a limited number of days during the menstrual cycle when making love can lead to pregnancy. Conception is most likely to occur if you make love on the day ovaries release a new egg (ovulation), or during the days leading up to it.

Most home ovulation tests only identify the 2 peak fertile days during the cycle, by detecting the surge in luteinising hormone (LH) that triggers ovulation. The Clearblue Fertility Monitor not only shows these 2 peak Fertility days, but also identifies additional days when you can conceive. By detecting a rise in estrogen, it can inform most women of an extra 1-5 days of high fertility prior to their peak fertility. This means you know all the days on which making love is most likely to lead to conception, allowing you to identify those days when you are most likely to conceive your baby.

Questions and Answers

How accurate is the Clearblue Fertility Monitor?

The Clearblue Fertility Monitor has been shown in laboratory testing to be 99% accurate in detecting the LH surge in cycles in which an LH surge had also been identified by a reference method. Most women will have 1-5 days warning of their peak Fertility, during which the High Fertility will be displayed.

I've been using basal body temperature and home ovulation tests. Does the Clearblue Fertility Monitor replace these?

The advantages of the Clearblue Fertility Monitor is that, unlike the basal body temperature method, it predicts ovulation before it happens. The basal body temperature method can only tell you after ovulation has occurred, which may be too late to take advantage of all your fertility days. Home ovulation tests detect the LH surge which precedes ovulation by 24- 36 hours, thus identifying your 2 most fertile days each cycle. The Clearblue Fertility Monitor gives additional warning of ovulation by identifying days of high fertility as well as the peak Fertility days indicated by home ovulation tests. It also counts your days for you, tells you which days to test, interprets the tests, displays your fertility levels every day and develops a personalised understanding of your cycle.

How effective will the Clearblue Fertility Monitor be for me?

The Clearblue Fertility Monitor can detect Peak Fertility in cycles of 21 to 42 days in length.

If you have had intercourse during high and peak Fertility it can help maximise your chance of conceiving a baby, It is important, however, to remember that there are no products available that can guarantee success in achieving pregnancy.

Will hormonal contraceptive affect the result?

After using hormonal contraceptive (or emergency contraception) your cycle can be irregular and may take some time to stabilise. You may wish to wait until you have had at least two natural menstrual cycles in a row lasting 21-42 days before using the Clearblue Fertility Monitor.

What conditions or medication could interfere with my test results?

Always read the manufactures instructions in any medication you are taking before using Clearblue Fertility Monitor. Most medications (e.g. simple pain killers and cold remedies) should not affect the way the Clearblue Fertility Monitor works. However, certain medical conditions and medications can adversely affect the performance of the Clearblue Fertility Monitor

What should I do if I pressed the 'm' button by mistake?

Don't worry, you can cancel it. If you set the 'm' button o9n the wrong day, you must cancel it. To cancel, press the 'm' button for 5 seconds until the 'm' symbol disappears. When the 'm' button is released, the display screen will return to its original state.

What if I am unable, or forgot to set the 'm' button on day 1 of my cycle?

If you are on day 2, 3, 4 or before your chosen 'm' button setting time on day 5 of your cycle, simply hold the 'm' button down at your chosen 'm' button setting time, and release it when the correct day number is shown on the display. The monitor will then work correctly. You can also do this to set a different testing window during days 2 to 5 of your cycle, if testing window set on day 1 is inconvenient

If you are not able to set the 'm' button during the first 5 days of your cycle, you should wait until your next cycle starts to set the 'm' button.

If my period starts during the day and I have to wait until the next morning before setting the 'm' button should I set it as day 1 or day 2?

You should set as day 1.You must always set the m button the morning after your period starts. The Clearblue Fertility Monitor understands this as day 1

Can I use more tests sticks if I want to?

No, tests can only be performed when requested by the monitor.

How do I know if I have inserted the test correctly? Do I ever need to try again?

If you have inserted a test stick correctly a flashing stick symbol will indicate that the test stick is being read. Do not remove the test stick until requested to do so.

My monitor did not display a peak fertility symbol this cycle. What does this mean?

There may be a small percentage of cycles in which you do not see a peak fertility status. There are a number of possible reasons for this, for example, a test may have been missed or performed incorrectly or you nay not have ovulated this cycle. An unusually short or long cycle may result in Peak fertility not being detected. If peak fertility is not detected, the monitor may show High Fertility for an extended period of time. This may be as long as 19 days. If it occurs, it is unlikely that you will be fertile during this entire time.

If you do not see peak fertility over a number of cycles, speak to your doctor.

Contents: 1 Monitor. Test sticks & batteries sold separately

How to Use

Step by step guide to using the Clearblue fertility monitor

Knowing your Clearblue Fertility Monitor

In you pack you will find your Clearblue Fertility Monitor. You will need to buy a pack of Clearblue Fertility Monitor Tests sticks and four new AAA batteries.

You must wait till your next period starts before using Clearblue Fertility Monitor. I n the mean time you should read the instructions booklet fully and familiarise yourself with the features of the Clearblue Fertility Monitor.

Switching the Clearblue Monitor On and Off

Once you have inserted the batteries, you can turn the monitor on and off by pressing the white On/Off button the top left hand corner of the monitor. When you turn the monitor on you will see a red light flash in the test stick slot and the display screen will briefly show the full range of symbols. This is normal and confirms that the monitor is working correctly. After a moment the display screen will clear and you will see '--' and a flashing 'm' on the display screen. If you see the red light but nothing on the screen, check the batteries are installed correctly. The monitor is now ready for you to set the 'm' button on the first day of your period. Pressing the on/off button again will turn the monitor off.

Determine the correct testing window for use

You can start using Clearblue Fertility Monitor on the first day of your next cycle, but not before. The first thing you do is to set the 'm' button.

When you press the 'm' buttons you:

Tell the monitor that your period has started and a new cycle has begun.

Establish the 6 hours each day during which you can do a test. This is called the 'testing window'. Clearblue fertility monitor should be set so that it’s convenient for you to test the first urine of the day. It is important for you to use the first urine after sleeping as this will contain highest concentration of hormones.

The testing window is set to run from 3 hors before the time you press the 'm' button, to 23 hours after. The Clearblue Fertility Monitor will only request a test during this time to see if you need to do a test that day

At the start of each cycle you can press your 'm' button at the same time as you did on your previous cycle to give you the same testing window, or if you wish , you can change your testing window by setting the 'm' button at a different time.

To perform a test

Remove the test stick from its protective foil wrapper and use immediately

Hold the sampling end of the test stick pointing downwards in your urine stream for 3 seconds only. This is long enough to ensure the sampling end is sufficiently wet. Alternatively, collect a sample of your urine in a clean, dry container and hold just the sampling end in the urine for 15 seconds

Keeping the test stick pointing downwards, take the cap off the handle and place it over the wet end of the test stick. Wipe off and excess urine from the test stick casing.

You are ready to insert the test stick into the tests tick slot of the monitor.

Inserting a test stick

After performing a test, that test stick should be placed into the test stick clot within 15 minutes of wetting it. You should only insert a test stick when you see the insert test stick symbol.

Holding the test stick by the cap with the cap corner of the test stick pointing downwards put it into the test stick slot.

Push the test stick down until it lies flat and clicks into place.

When you have inserted the test stick correctly the display screen will flash the test stick symbol for 5 minutes while monitor reads and interprets the information from your test stick. Do not remove the test stick while it is being read. The monitor cannot be turned off while a test stick is being read.

At the end of 5 minutes, the monitor will ask you to remove the test stick, which should be thrown away. Your fertility status will then be displayed.

If you do not remove the test stick within 60 seconds after the monitor has finished reading it, the monitor will turn itself off. Don’t worry, just remove the Test stick and switch the monitor back on to see your fertility status.

Suitable For

Women whose natural cycle normally lasts between 21 and 42 days.

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Clearblue Fertility Monitor is proven to almost double your chances of conception by 89%*.Clearblue fertiltiy monitor is the only technology based solely on hormone monitoring, it more accurately identifies more fertile days than any other method.

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