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Got questions about Circulation Booster®?

Considering buying Circulation Booster® to see if it could help improve your blood circulation or reduce swollen legs? Visit to read frequently asked questions about this medical device.

If you are considering Circulation Booster® to see if it could help improve your blood circulation, you may find these questions and answers useful when you are making your decision.

If you suffer long-term or chronic conditions, please consult your GP or your Boots pharmacist before using Circulation Booster®

What increases the risk of developing poor circulation?

  • Being aged 50+
  • Illnesses including diabetes, Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and high blood pressure
  • Immobility, for example wheelchair users or people who are bed or housebound
  • Heredity / genetics of vascular disease, heart attack or stroke
  • Smoking or obesity

What physical symptoms may indicate poor circulation?

The following symptoms may be a sign of poor circulation:

  • Tired, aching or heavy feeling legs
  • Swollen feet and ankles (oedema)
  • Cramping of the buttocks, legs or feet
  • Pins and needles, numbness in legs or feet (neuropathy)
  • Low temperature or skin discolouration in hands, arms, legs or feet

Who might benefit from using Circulation Booster®?

You may wish to consider using Circulation Booster® if you:

  • Sit for long periods at a desk or at home
  • Are less active than you used to be
  • Have a sedentary or inactive lifestyle
  • Do a job that requires sitting or standing for long periods
  • Experience aches and swelling in their legs?

*It is strongly recommended that you consult your GP in the first instance if you experience these symptoms.

What kind of results can be expected?

The Circulation Booster® is a Class IIa medical device that uses clinically proven* technology to:

  • Help increase circulation in the legs
  • Help reduce swelling in the calves and feet
  • Help alleviate minor aches and in otherwise healthy people

If you suffer long-term or chronic conditions, please consult your GP or your Boots pharmacist.

Is Circulation Booster® easy and simple to use?

The Circulation Booster® has been specifically designed to be used by people of all ages. The manual's easy to understand and the remote control designed to be easy to use, to make the Circulation Booster simple to operate.

There are three easy steps to using the Circulation Booster®:

Step 1: Place feet on foot pads
Step 2: Set desired intensity level - either by hand or using the remote control
Step 3: Sit back and let the Circulation Booster® go to work

It even includes four separate adhesive T.E.N.S pads to target specific minor body aches. The T.E.N.S pads should NOT be used on the following areas: eyes, broken or bleeding skin or tissue, infected tissue, any malignancy, testicles, the stomach if pregnant. Epilepsy sufferers should avoid using it on the neck area.

How are the best results achieved when using the Circulation Booster®?

Follow these three tips to get the best results:

  • Use both bare feet on the device at all times
  • Use regularly for 30 minutes at a time, up to six times a day
  • Use the four electro body pads included in the Circulation Booster pack to target specific areas of discomfort

Who can use the Circulation Booster®?

The Circulation Booster® can be used by most healthy people. The Circulation Booster® is not suitable if you:

  • Have a pacemaker or automatic implanted cardiac defibrillator (AICD).
  • Are in the first trimester of pregnancy
  • Have an existing deep vein thrombosis (DVT) clot
  • Are under 16 years of age

If you suffer long-term or chronic conditions, please consult your GP or your Boots pharmacist before using Circulation Booster®. What can be expected when using the Circulation Booster®?

The Circulation Booster is specifically designed and uses scientifically tested* technology to:

  • May help to increase circulation
  • May help to reduce swelling in the calf and foot
  • May alleviate minor aches and pains in otherwise healthy people

The Circulation Booster® is a Class IIa medical device, scientifically tested by independent clinical trials at King's College London and South Bank University.

*The Circulation Booster clinical trials "Effects of percutaneous stimulation of the sole upon lower limb blood pooling by protracted sitting in man" by Dr David A. Green, Dr Paul Sumners and Mr Steve P. Hunter.

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