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Eyecare FAQs

Are you suffering from dry eyes, tired eyes or other eye problems? Find out how Boots Pharmaceuticals' eyecare products may help

Published 30/11/2010

Looking for eyedrops but confused about which ones to choose? Why not read about Boots Pharmaceuticals' eyecare range?



  • Q: I need dry eye relief but find it difficult to use eye drops. Is there a product that may help?

    A: If you don't like to use drops, then our Dry Eyes Eye Mist gives relief to the symptoms of dry eyes associated with contact lens wear, computer use, central heating, air conditioning or travelling. Dry Eyes Eye Mist soothes and moisturises dry and tired eyes. It contains clinically proven ingredients to help relieve the symptoms of dry eyes by locking in moisture. The mist contains liposomes, which work to replenish the lipid layer of your tear film, naturally lubricating the eyes. The mist also contains camomile, a natural plant extract, which provides soothing relief to your eyes. You can spray it on to closed eyelids and it's safe to apply while wearing contact lenses and eye make up. Plus, it has a pleasant fragrance and it's convenient and hygienic to use. Its handy travel size makes it ideal for people on the go.

  • Q: Is there an eyecare product that can provide comfort if my eyes are dry throughout the day?

    A: The Dry Eyes Eye Mist can do this but we also stock Dry Eyes Eye Drops . These provide effective and long-lasting relief, moisturising and soothing tired eyes. They may be used as needed, throughout the day, and are suitable for use while wearing contact lenses.

  • I'd like long-lasting relief for dry eyes. Is there a product that may help?

    A: Our Dry Eyes Intensive Eye Drops provide prolonged relief for dry eyes. They contain a clinically proven lubricant to intensively moisturise, lubricate and provide prolonged relief for dry, tired and irritated eyes. They provide long-lasting relief for contact lens wearers and are suitable for eyes affected by computer use, central heating, air conditioning or travelling. You can use them day or night.

  • What products do you have in your range that may help relieve minor eye irritations?

    A: The range includes Irritated Eyes Eye Drops which contain natural chamomile, cornflower and witch hazel extracts to help soothe red eyes irritated by environmental factors such as smoke, dust, sun, wind, dry air or even just extended work on a computer. If you prefer not to use eye drops, you may wish to try our Irritated Eyes Eye Mist , which is contact lens-friendly. The mist contains clinically-proven ingredients, such as calendula, a natural plant extract, to soothe and provide relief from the symptoms of itchy, irritated eyes, associated with allergies such as hayfever, and dust, pollution, air conditioning, smoke and bright light. It has a pleasant fragrance and it's convenient and hygienic to use. Its small size makes it ideal to carry around.

  • Is there a product that can help me when my eyes feel tired?

    A: Dry or tired eyes need gentle refreshment. You may wish to consider our Tired Eyes Eye Drops. They help to soothe and refresh eyes after a long day or a night out. These eyedrops are also contact lens friendly.

  • Q: I wear contact lenses. Is there a product that can help soothe my eyes?

    A: You may wish to consider our Contact Lens Eye Drops . They have a moisturising and soothing action that provides effective and long-lasting relief for dry and tired eyes.

  • Q: Do you have any products to help brighten my eyes?

    A: Our Brightening Eye Drops are ideal for enhancing the natural brightness of your eyes. They contain natural plant extracts. You could also consider our Sparkling Eye Drops contain natural plant extracts to help provide instantly whiter whites in eyes of all colours.

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