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Bladder weakness: help and information

Bladder weakness can be uncomfortable - whether it's the occasional leakage or more frequent bladder problems. The Boots Pharmaceuticals Staydry range offers products that can help give you confidence for bladder weakness, also known as incontinence.

Published 24/08/2011

Bladder weakness, also known as incontinence, is a surprisingly common problem. For example, did you know 50 percent of women will experience bladder weakness at some point in their lives?

However, the problem of bladder weakness may affect anybody.

"Anyone can suffer from bladder weakness. It's a condition that affects both men and women, at any stage of their lives," says Steve Owen, technical consultant for Boots Pharmaceuticals.

"There are varying degrees of bladder weakness, from a slight leakage to a severe case. We try to cater for the whole market."

The main categories of people who suffer from bladder weakness include:

  • 14 percent children, aged under 15
  • 17 percent men
  • 23 percent women who have recently given birth
  • 23 percent post-menopausal women
  • 23 percent elderly women

Boots Pharmaceuticals Staydry Night Pads - 12 maxi pads

Boots Pharmaceuticals Staydry has a wide range of bladder weakness products that offers leakage protection, high levels of absorbency, odour protection and dryness.

You may already be familiar with the Boots Staydry range. However, we have now changed our packaging and our new Staydry products have proved drier and more discreet in testing than our previous products. "The products still perform very well in testing but are now thinner," says Steve.

Adam Swallow is assistant brand manager for Boots Pharmaceuticals. He says: "We want to reassure people the new products are just as effective. We've given the range a new look so it's easier for customers to navigate." In addition, the redesigned range now sits under the umbrella of Boots Pharmaceuticals - the largest range of healthcare products on the UK market.

As part of these exciting changes, Boots Pharmaceuticals has worked with Attends to produce five "co-branded" products. Attends produces a number of bladder weakness products for the NHS and now customers will be able to find these products on the high street. These co-branded products include:

Attends logo

Each of the products carries the following mark that tells customers the products are the same as those they may have been supplied through the NHS:

"The Attends products will also be marked as being available in the Staydry range," says Adam.

Select from the items below to learn more about Boots Pharmaceuticals Staydry range:

Staydry Light

Our most discreet range of products.

The Staydry Micro Mini liner is the most discreet liner. These incontinence products are aimed at people with light bladder weakness, such as a small bladder leakage during exercise, laughing or sneezing.

"It's about giving the customer confidence," says Steve. Adam: "People frequently buy sanitary protection products for this kind of bladder weakness. Our products are tailored to bladder weakness. They absorb urine and offer odour protection."

Staydry Pads

The Staydry Pads are larger and more absorbent than our Light products.

The Staydry Normal Pads are for mild bladder weakness, the Staydry Extra Pads are for mild-to-moderate bladder weakness and the Staydry Super Pads are for moderate bladder weakness. "We have changed the packaging and our new Staydry range is drier than our previous products," says Adam. "They are very discreet and help to lock away fluid," explains Steve.

Staydry Pants

Designed to be highly absorbent, giving you extra confidence.

The range of Staydry Pants offers long-lasting protection. The Staydry Briefs have a body-shaped design and are dry and secure. All the Staydry Pants and Briefs offer odour protection. "These are for more severe bladder weakness," says Adam. "They are more absorbent products that provide long-lasting protection. The Staydry Briefs are for people experiencing a total loss of bladder control. Their wrap-around design makes them easy to put on - even for people who aren't very mobile."

Staydry Night

Specially designed for night time use.

The Staydry Night Maxi Pads and the Staydry Night Pants S/M offer long-lasting protection throughout the night, as well as odour protection. "This is a brand-new range," says Adam. "The range includes the Staydry Night Maxi Pads and the Staydry Night Pants. The Staydry Night Pants provide protection against moderate-to-severe bladder weakness." "The Staydry Night Pants can hold more than a litre of fluid ," adds Steve.

Staydry for Men

Anatomically designed for men.

Boots Pharmaceuticals Staydry for Men Normal (10 Shields)

Staydry for Men Normal Pads and Staydry for Men Extra Pads are discreet shields with a natural fit. "They're similar in shape to a sports shield," says Steve. All the products have odour protection.

Staydry Accessories

Complementing the rest of the Staydry range.

The Staydry Washable Bed Protector and the Staydry Washable Seat Protector are highly absorbent and washable. "They can help protect surfaces," says Adam. The Staydry Unisex PVC Briefs M and the Staydry Unisex PVC Briefs L are used to provide extra protection against leakage for added confidence. The Staydry Washable Pants are designed to hold the Staydry Pads comfortably in position

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