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Body Mass Index


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Published January 2009

If you want to use regular weighing as part of your weight loss plan, a good way to start is to find out your BMI.

This will help you to find out whether your current body weight carries a health risk. To work out your BMI, you'll need to take an accurate measurement of your height and weight.

How do I assess my BMI?

A BMI machine is available in store to calculate BMI. Once you have calculated your BMI, the chart below will tell whether you are in the 'underweight', 'normal' or 'overweight' category for your height and weight.

The Underweight Category

If your measurements place you in the 'underweight' category, you might want to try to increase your weight a little-perhaps you could increase your food intake each day. Being underweight can carry health risks, so take care not to actively lose weight. You may want to talk to your doctor about getting some specialist advice.

The Normal Category

If your measurements place you in the 'healthy' category for BMI, your weight is in the heallthy range for your height. You shouldn't try to lose weight, but aim to keep your weight steady.

The Overweight Category

If your measurements place you in the overweight category, now is a good time to try to make some changes so that you can prevent further weight gain. As your weight increases, so does the risk to your health so its important to try and achieve a 'healthy' weight for your height.

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