Humidity-proof Your Hair

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WrittenbyKatie Campbellon01/04/2010

Humidity-proof Your Hair

Stop the flop and fight the frizz with our beat-the-heat hair tips

Frizz, unmanageable manes and styles that wilt in the heat – make humidity-induced bad hair days a thing of the past this summer, with our top tips.

If the words 'holiday hair' strike fear into your heart, relax. As the mercury rises, it is possible to win the battle with unruly hair and stay smooth and stylish in the heat. Here's how:

1) Fight The Frizz

With frizz as your enemy, a little prep goes a long way. "The main cause of summer frizz is the change in water, humidity and the attack of the elements," says session stylist Ayo Laguda. "If you know you'll have problems the moment you step off the plane, think about deep conditioning your hair in advance." For a sleek, 'anti-humidity' style, "apply a straightening balm then blow-dry hair on a cool setting and finish with ceramic straighteners," says Ayo.

Charles Worthington Results Thermal Straightening Balm

Fab Frizz Fighters:

2) Stop The Style Flop

Lee Stafford Climate Control Protection Spray

Wondering why your expertly coiffed hairstyle has dropped in record time?

Blame humidity, says Dominique Rohde, Creative Director of MOP. "Moisture in the air dampens hair causing your hairstyle to flop. It will also dilute any product you have in your hair, encouraging it to lose its hold," he warns. The solution? Look for products that contain anti-humectants which repel moisture and keep hair dry with volume and style, says Rohde.

Fantastic Flop Fixers:

3) Beat-The-Heat Volume

The secret to holiday-proof volume? Always use styling products. "Clean hair alone will not hold volume," says hip hair stylist Zoe Irwin. To add stays-that-way-all-day 'oomph' to your hair, "apply a volumising mousse to the roots of your hair, then blow dry with a round brush and finish with a cold blast from your hairdryer to help set it," advises Zoe. To ensure your volume lasts, arm yourself with dry shampoo (try Klorane Dry Shampoo and a bristle brush. "Use the bristle brush to tease your roots if your volume drops throughout the day. The dry shampoo will help soak up moisture from your scalp and hold volume in the hair."

Shockwaves Ultra Strong Heat Defence Volumising Mousse

Hard-working Volume Boosters:

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