Fuzz-free summer Discover the all-new hair-removal crews

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WrittenbyKirsty Brailsfordon06/04/2011

Fuzz-free summer: Discover the all-new hair-removal crews

Not yet ready to bare all this summer? Read on to discover the new hair removal tribes and find your perfect hair-removal technique. No fuzz, no fuss!

Let's face it; body hair is so last winter. It's time to embrace the warmer weather and get fuzz-free and fabulous!

Not sure about your hair-removal options? Check out the new hair-removal crews to find your perfect de-fuzz technique now.

The queens of speed love... Shaving

You have no time for mess and fuss. You want results and you want them now!

Queen of...Ta-da! Shaving Gel

The pros: Shaving is one of the simplest and cheapest methods of hair removal, as Diane Wood, master barber for King of Shaves, points out. "It costs less than other hair-removal techniques and can be done in the privacy of your own home." There's no need to book salon appointments or wait for regrowth, you can just shave and go!

The cons: Most of us have experienced the odd nick when shaving. Some areas are trickier than others to shave Diane points out. "A razor can catch on the natural wrinkles around the kneecap so most women don't shave this area as well as they should," she says.

Hair-removal hint: Diane has an insider trick for avoiding those nasty nicks on difficult-to-shave knees. "Shave the knee from east to west, rather than north to south. Bended knees also make all the difference." Diane also suggests using a low-foam shaving gel so you can see exactly what you're doing at all times.

Your shaving kit:

The fans of long-lasting results love... Waxing

"No pain, no gain" is your hair-removal motto, and you're willing to invest a little time and effort to get a longer-lasting result.

Veet Easy Wax Electrical Roll-On Kit

The pros: "Waxing is sanitary, effective and efficient as a large amount of hair can be removed at once," Janet Chao, head aesthetician for Parissa, says. It can take between two to eight weeks for regrowth to appear, meaning that results are longer-lasting than shaving.

The cons: One of the biggest drawbacks of waxing is getting the hang of it. "First-time waxers may find it time consuming, but, like everything else, it takes practice and once you've perfected your technique, you'll be waxing everything!" says Janet who also points out that waxing isn't for everyone. "If you suffer from diabetes, varicose veins or poor circulation, some physicians advice against waxing."

Hair-removal hint:
Want to know how to get the most from your waxing session? Check out Janet's insider tips:

  1. The faster you whip the wax off, the less painful and more effective the treatment will be.
  2. Always apply wax in the direction of hair growth and pull it off in the opposite direction.
  3. Less is more. Always apply a thin layer of wax (except when using hot wax) for best results.

Your waxing kit:

Veet 3-Minute Silk Extracts Hair Removal Cream

The "play it safe" crowd love... Hair removal cream

You want a cheap, easy and pain-free way to get summer-smooth skin.

The pros: "This method is a low-cost way of hair removal that requires little skill," Says Louise Thomas-Minns, expert beauty therapist. "Depilatory creams can be used on a variety of areas and hair types."

The cons: Potential irritation Louise advises always doing a patch test first, as some people may be allergic to some ingredients in depilatory creams. "Depilatory creams can also be drying as they change the natural pH and moisturising factors of the skin," Louise says.

Hair-removal hint: If you want to get the most from this method of hair removal, you have to put in the groundwork. "Always ensure you moisturise the treated areas between uses and gently exfoliate the skin on a weekly basis," suggests Louise.

Your hair-removal cream kit:

The commitment-ready crew love... Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) systems

You're looking for the next big thing in hair removal. You want salon-style results, at home.

Boots Smooth Skin Intense Pulsed Light Hair Reduction System

The pros: As well as the possibility of permanent hair reduction, beauty therapist and IPL expert Anita Clarkson reckons convenience and cost are also benefits of using IPL systems. "Home-based IPL systems mean no more having to book salon appointments," she says. "Cost is also a major factor to a lot of people who find repeat professional treatments too expensive." Anita also points out the added benefit of people being able to use IPL systems in the privacy of their own homes.

The cons: Anita points out IPL systems cannot be used on all skin tones and hair types. "IPL systems like Boots Smooth Skin are not suitable for treating white or grey hair, as there is no pigment to conduct the energy to the root," she says. "Redheads are also unlikely to achieve good results because red hair does not absorb light very successfully, thus limiting the achievable results."

Hair-removal hint: This method of hair removal is a big commitment and can be time consuming. "Doing a large area such as legs or arms can take a little time," Anita says. "Use white pencil to divide a large area into sections." This way, you can see exactly which areas you have treated, meaning you can take a break if you need to.

Your IPL kit:

Remember, whatever your chosen hair-removal method, always be safe and read the instructions first!

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