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Read our beauty blog for up-to-the-minute news on all things hot in the world of beauty, from make up and hair tips to fragrance and men's product reviews. Find out about new beauty launches and the latest celeb beauty trends here. Emily & Natalie x

PS Email us at with your beauty questions and comments.

The champion of all men's fragrances

Beauty blog: Friday 9th August

I've got another new product for you today, you lucky things! Paco Rabanne's new fragrance for men Invictus is now available in store in the fragrance shop and it's a good one!

It's my brother's birthday coming up and I know this will be perfect as he's really in to his rugby - this fragrance is great for the sporty types. Watch the video below to find out why.

There may also be another teeny tiny reason why I like this aftershave so much, it was delivered to our press event by this lovely gentleman.

Woah Mamma!

Emily x


It's a boy! The royal Prince arrives!

Beauty blog: Wednesday 24th July

Call us broody but we have been SO excited for the little bundle of joy - after the fun of The Royal Wedding it feels like we've been waiting forever (well, nine months) for Will and Kate's royal ray of sunshine to coo over. Here at Boots Beauty we all want to wish Will and Kate the best of luck in their parenting adventure, we're here for you (unless it's a nappy change, then you're on your own!)

Kate and Wills can get everything they need for little baby Cambridge at , with nappies , wipes , food and cute clothing fit for a (future) king. Boots Parenting Club is perfect for the Regal 'rents as they can get 10 Advantage Card points for every £1 they spend!

We know Kate and Wills will have their hands full, but hope Kate can get a bit of me-time as well as quality time with Wills and baby. These are our top products for yummy mummies:

Caring for brand new Prince or Princess of your own? Read our luxury pampering tips for new mothers that are sure help you unwind after a busy day of being Super-mum.

Emily x


New SEVENTEEN Back Lash mascara - can you handle the drama?

Beauty blog: Wednesday 10th July

I have a friend who uses three different mascaras every morning - One to lengthen, one to volumise and one to comb through for definition, it's ridiculous, how does she have the time?! I'm going to have to introduce her to this awesome new gem from SEVENTEEN - Back Lash mascara. It's a great lash all-rounder, the brush delivers the four key benefits that you want from a mascara:

  • Length (oooh!)
  • Definition (aaah!)
  • Lift (wow!)
  • Volume (phwoar!)

Watch the video below to find out how to get the easiest smoky eye you'll ever do using Back Lash mascara , with the gorgeous SEVENTEEN make up artist Clare Gregory (warning: she is enviably cool, I NEED her dip-dyed hair!)

See? Told you it was easy! Now you can rock that dramatic, sultry look in minutes - perfect for parties or adding edge to any outfit.

You can't go wrong with this multi-tasking make up must-have as for a limited time only Back Lash is just £5.49 and comes with its own little freebie both in store and online, the Back Lash Gel Eyeliner. So come on, snap one up!

Emily x


Inhibitif: Advanced hair-free serum

Summer's here, so bid a fond farewell to tights and get reacquainted with your hair removal regime. But wouldn't it be better than an ice lolly on a hot day if it decided to grow slow, without the need of pricey laser hair removal sessions?

Well quicker than a beautician with a waxing strip, your hair prayers have been answered! Say hello to Inhibitif , a super savvy formula that helps to reduce the prominence of body hair, making it nearly invisible over time.

Simply remove body hair in your normal way, then apply Inhibitif twice a day for eight weeks, or until you notice a visible difference. Application can then be reduced to just once every other day to maintain the amazing results.

Hair more about Inhibitif by watching our video:

Kelly x


Surf's Up, hairs' down!

Beauty blog: Wednesday 3rd July

Creating a laid back look with heat waves on the horizon may seem trickier than your first surf lesson, but thanks to the geniuses behind Bumble & Bumble's Surf range we ladies can create that 'just stepped off my yacht' look, without having to blow the big bucks on the boat.

Start by prepping the hair with lusciously foamy Bumble & Bumble Surf Shampoo and super light weight Bumble & Bumble Surf conditioner both containing a blend of minerals and sea botanicals - perfect for creating bouncing body and enhancing any natural waves.

Let the care free attitude of summer go to your head, and finish with Bumble & Bumble Surf Spray
winner of 'Best Texturiser' at the 2013 Instyle Best Beauty Buys Awards, so you know it's good. Like the seaside in a bottle (minus a bucket and spade) it's fabulous for working through wet or dry hair to bring out your inner mermaid.

Why not use all three products to create the ultimate summer look - life's a beach after all...

Kelly x


New! Hugo Boss: Boss Jour Pour Femme

Beauty blog: Wednesday 26th June

You may have seen Gwyneth Paltrow looking enviably gorgeous in the press as the face of Hugo Boss' new fragrance Boss Jour Pour Femme - I had a chat with the Boots fragrance expert to find out more about the top notes, heart notes and base notes that make this ultra-feminine fragrance this season's must have scent.

I have to hand it to Hugo Boss on this one, it's my favourite perfume to hit the shelves in a long while and may well be my new daily fragrance. (It's a daily battle at the dressing table between Boss Jour and Marc Jacobs Daisy Sunshine!)

So, make like Gwynnie and steal the show with just one spritz of this truly uplifting perfume!

Still not sure if it's "you"? With the Try Me First service you can purchase Boss Jour Pour Femme with a free sample - if you love it that's great, if not then it's no problem, you can send the unopened full-sized bottle back in line with our standard returns policy.

Emily x


Stay put make-up! Smashbox releases Halo blush and Megatint lip colour

Beauty blog: Thursday 16th May

Touching up your make-up on the go - does it feel fast and glamorous or just plain inconvenient? I love taking time out to do my make-up every morning, but it'd be great to spend more time living and less time worrying about how my face looks for the rest of the day.

My perfect solution: long wear make-up. Smashbox has added two great new additions to their range, and boy do they stay on well!

Smashbox Halo Long Wear Blush is inspired by the best-selling Halo Powder, which uses a built-in grinder to get the perfect amount of freshly ground colour. I chose a warm nude shade and once I'd got the hang of it - you only need to grind the tiniest bit, it's luxuriously pigmented stuff - it gave me a radiant flush of colour which lasted...and lasted...and lasted!

Thoroughly impressed, I moved onto Megatint Long Wear Lip Colour . It doesn't get much bolder than this: Megatint is a big, beautiful beast of a lip colour that demands attention. Packing the same fearless pigmentation as Halo Blush, it glides on easily and leaves a bright pop of colour which eventually (we're talking up to eight hours here) fades to an attractive stain. It's stunning for when you want to make an impact and feels really comfortable for a matte lip colour.

So there you have it, two easy ways to keep your make-up looking fresh for longer, without having to fiddle about with your compact all day! Got any tips for making your make-up last? Get in touch at

Shop Smashbox now.

Natalie x


New SEVENTEEN On The Spot Foundation - hello complexion perfection!

Beauty blog: Wednesday 15th May

Ever found yourself in that dilemma where you really want to cover up that pesky blemish, but you know that by covering it in make up you're likely to make it worse? It can be a vicious circle, but luckily it's SEVENTEEN to the rescue with their brand-spanking new, revolutionary foundation, On The Spot

This little gem is SEVENTEEN's first foundation which hides imperfections, whilst caring for spot-prone skin. In Just 4 weeks skin is clearer, making sure you feel ultra confident and ready for your close up. covers imperfections and helps to treat blemishes? Gimme, gimme!

Watch the video below to hear from SEVENTEEN make up artist Vanessa Guellar about just how amazing On The Spot Foundation is for blemish prone skin and her tips for application covers imperfections and helps to treat blemishes? Gimme!

This great new foundation is out now - what are you waiting for?! Flawless skin is just 4 weeks away...

Emily x


Spring into action - fresh new fragrances from Yves Saint Laurent

Beauty blog: Friday 10th May

Freshly cut grass, flowers in bloom, brand new fragrances from Yves Saint Laurent...who couldn't love the scents of spring? Warm, rich perfumes may be comforting in winter, but now's the time to energise and lighten up with these bright and breezy treats!

Yves Saint Laurent have added two new fragrances to their collection, and they're perfect for this season. Both are variations on YSL favourites - Paris and L'Homme - but with their own fresh twist.

The latest edition of Paris Premieres Roses celebrates 30 years of Yves Saint Laurent's Paris , introducing a softer and brighter take on the much-loved original. There's still the gorgeous bouquet of roses, but added green notes give an extra dimension of freshness and life. It's the ideal eau de toilette for spritzing on during sunny days and the light scent is so easy to wear.

For men, Yves Saint Laurent have released the refreshing L'Homme Libre Cologne Tonic (a worldwide Boots exclusive, we might add), which is a lighter edition of L'Homme Libre with an aquatic and citrus twist. It's a zesty, uplifting fragrance that's great for boosting energy and tempting you outdoors.

And notice something different about La Nuit de L'Homme ? Look out for Garret Hedlund as the fresh new face (and hunky body) of this vibrant and seductive fragrance. One spray will work wonders...

I love swapping my winter wardrobe for a pair of sunnies and my favourite floaty dress - warm weather makes everything seem brighter! How do sunny days affect your beauty routine? Tell us at

Natalie x


Garnier 5 Second Perfect Blur

Beauty blog: Thursday 2nd May

There are scores of products out there claiming to reduce wrinkles and turn back the hands of time. However, I've always been sceptical. So, when given the chance to try Garnier 5sec Perfect Blur (£12.99), a new primer available at Boots this spring, I couldn't resist putting it to the test.

Garnier have created a silica-based formula which helps to tighten pores, reduceshine and nourish your complexion, evening out the appearance of your skin. This smoothing primer uses an optical effect which helps diffuse the light and therefore "blur" the surface of the skin, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles as well as creating the perfect, long-lasting finish.I applied Perfect Blur a few minutes after my moisturiser and instantly saw the reflecting formula do its work, visibly reducing my early morning eye bags and leaving my skin feeling soft with a definite glow. It also acted as a great base for my foundation and smoothed blemishes creating a matt finish, (thank goodness with my oily T-zone!).

I must admit, this product surprised me. On reflection (pun intended!) once it had been applied I looked as if I regularly eat my five a day and had indulged in a good eight hours kip - it's a great "cheat" product! My skin appeared moisturised, ultra-smooth and blemish-free, and the effects lasted throughout the day.

True to its name, Garnier 5sec Perfect Blur takes less than five seconds to apply. It can be easily integrated into your morning skincare regime, is a perfect base for make-up and makes an immediate difference to the overall appearance of the skin. I never thought I would recommend it, but this skeptic has been convinced! Top notch!

Janine x


Benefit Cosmetics are having a flash sale!

Beauty blog: Wednesday 1st May

Every girl deserves the red carpet treatment when it comes to beauty, so why not join the A list and become star struck at your own gorgeous reflection with Benefit Cosmetic's Primping With The Stars kit , exclusive to until 18th May. For two days only from 2nd to 3rd May purchase any two products from the Benefit range and receive a free mini POREfessional pore minimizing primer, along with free delivery; talk about celebrity treatment!

Containing a collection of Benefits iconic favourites for the face, cheeks, eyes and lips, this glamorous kit is so Hollywood it should come with its own bodyguard; guaranteed to leave you ready for that close up any time of the day.

Watch our video for a back stage look at the kit right here:

Kelly x


Straight to the point!

Beauty blog: Tuesday 30th April

Most mornings are a struggle to get out of bed, and my hair can resemble a fallen bird's nest at the best of times. This unruly mane would only be tamed with a complete wash and restyle, but that was until I sampled the delights of the Glamoriser Professional Digital Ultralight Speed Straightener by celebrity hairdresser Richard Ward, which is exclusive to Boots.

Not only does it resemble my favourite quality street with its sparkly purple design, but it offers six instant easy to use heat settings ranging from 130°C to 235°C, meaning you can tailor the temperature according to your hair type.

The ultra chic straighteners have nano-diamond ceramic floating plates, which glide through hair to create a fabulous frizz free look. But they can also turn poker straight locks into gorgeous glam curls by simply clamping the hair, pointing the styler downwards and rotating towards you as you slide it down to the end. Voila! Two lovely looks using only one straightener.

Also, stop by on the Boots Beauty Blog tomorrow for big news and an amazing offer...if you're a fan of Benefit Cosmetics, you won't want to miss this!

*all prices and offer details correct at time of publishing

Kelly x


Soap & Glory presents- The Firminator range

Beauty blog: Friday 26th April

Unless you're a weather-proof fitness fanatic, the lingering winter has most likely caused you to hide indoors and put your feet up. Now, as we roll through spring, we're starting to think about working off those winter wobbly-bits.

Luckily, Soap & Glory have created a solution just in time for summer; combined with a healthy diet and exercise, the new Firminator range has come to the rescue! Designed to help smooth, tighten and tone, the Firminator range consists of three firming products for the legs, arms and body.

First up is Firminators Special Bikini Body Formula . Take my advice and don't step near the beach without it! It helps to smooth, rejuvenate, and stimulate the skin on your thighs and buttocks. Key ingredients include peppermint and litsea cubeba toning oils which work to help you gain a natural lift.

For arms, try the specially formulated Targeted Arm Firming and Toning Formula . This vitamin and mineral-rich formula is an ally for your arms, helping improve elasticity and texture when massaged into the skin regularly. To complete the range we welcome back our old favourite Sit Tight Intense XS (now an improved formula!). It contains peptides that are activated when massaged into the skin, and is now fitted with a new tri-ball massage roller to help stimulate circulation which, in-turn, will help smooth-out blemishes.

To treat yourself to the ultimate body-boosting pampering session, scrub up in the shower with Soap & Glorys The Breakfast Scrub Body Exfoliator . Voted "Best Body Scrub" in 2011 by Cosmo Beauty Awards and 2012 by Company Beauty Awards (among others!) prep your skin with this multiple award-winner before applying the Firminator range. With their powers combined, you will be well on your way to achieving a bikini body you feel more comfortable with!

Janine x


BB creams vs CC creams - what's the difference?!

Beauty blog: Thursday 25th April

Like many women, I like to keep my mascara brush to the lash when it comes to the latest beauty buys, and you may have noticed an explosion on the market when it comes to foundation fakers, tinted moisturisers and primers. The newest kids on the beauty block have combined the best elements of these make up bag staples, in the fabulous form of BB and CC creams; but what exactly is the difference between the two? (Apart from their cosiness in the alphabet)

BB stands for beauty balm and can be a non brightening primer, foundation, moisturiser, SPF and anti ageing product, while creating a lovely dewy finish. CC stands for colour correction, and the creams can be all of the above, yet contain a non brightening primer, generally provide slightly more coverage and aim to correct any colour imperfections, evening out the complexion.

I'm a BB girl at heart, but some lovely CC creams landed on my desk this week and I just had to share them with you!

First up is Max Factor's CC Cream (£9.99) which contains SPF 10 and reminds me of the Boots beauty team with its ability to multi-task! It can offer flawless coverage, hydration and coverage like a foundation; perfect for those early morning starts.

One for slightly older skin comes from Olay Regenerist (£24.99) It looks good enough to eat and offers delicious coverage. 82% of women who tested the product said it gave them a flawless complexion; you can't argue with those figures!

Next up is L'oreal Paris Nude Magique CC cream (£9.99) which can help to cover a multitude of skin issues, as well as offering a wonderful lightweight buildable coverage. They come in three different formulae, including:

  • Anti fatigue , this contains an apricot hydrator to help wake up tired looking skin.
  • Anti Redness , can neutralise the appearance of redness with the help of its green hydrator ingredient.
  • Anti Dullness , helps to combat dull and yellow looking skin with its mauve shade.

Finally we have Nip + Fab's CC cream (£14.99) which contains SPF 30 and can offer up to 24 hour moisturisation, as well as presenting a shine free finish- amazing!

The weather may be out of our hands ladies, but we can put on a flawless face and smile through the rain with these wonderful CC creams.

*all prices and offer details correct at time of publishing

Kelly x



Beauty blog:Friday 19th April

With the Arctic Spring finally thawing, my poor skin hasn't known whether it's coming or going. One minute I'm lathering on the moisturiser to disguise my dryness, and the next I?m dabbing on finishing powder to mattify a shiny complexion! But it seems the gods at Garnier have finally answered my skin care 'mares with their fabulous range of moisture match daily moisturisers.

Not only can they offer hydration for up to 24 hours, but they also come in five tailor-made formulae for each skin type, including:

  • Goodbye Dry: for dry to very dry skin
  • Start Afresh: for normal to dry skin
  • Shine Be Gone: for oily to combination skin
  • Wake Me Up: for dull skin
  • Protect & Glow: for normal skin

I have many lotions and potions that only cater to one skin type. so it's refreshing to see Garnier bringing something new to the (dressing) table.

But how do you figure out which moisturiser matches up to your skin type? Head over to the Garnier Moisture Match tool to find out which moisturiser from this great range is your skincare soul mate - you can even order a free sample of your perfect moisture match skincare solution for your troubles- bonus!

My result came up with oily to combination skin; something I never knew I had, so it seems you do learn something new every day!

Kelly x


Compressed deodorants - same power, less packaging!

Beauty blog: Thursday 17th April

I love bright, new ideas, so it's great to see Sure, Dove and Vaseline's new compressed deodorants on the shelves. You may have seen these little versions of their full-sized cousins on the shelves and wondered what it was all about...

New Dove Compressed deodrants

They've been redesigned to need less gas to spray the same amount of antiperspirant, which means they use less aluminium packaging but contain the same amount of deodoriser. Despite their petite appearance, a 75ml can will last just as long as its 150ml predecessor

Dove's compressed deodorants offer their signature ? moisturising cream for softness, Sure's 'Motionsense' technology works harder the more you move and Vaseline's caring complex helps to protect underarm skin - and they all work just as hard as the big cans.

The compact sizes are handy for freeing up space on my bedside table and fit snugly into handbags or gym bags - more room for all my other "essentials" (if only they could work the same magic on my entire make up bag!)

Natalie x


What's your favourite fragrance? Vote now for the FiFi Awards!

Beauty blog: Saturday 23rd March

It's so easy to get passionate over your favourite fragrance. A great scent can uplift your mood, make you feel like a new person, or take you back to a wonderful memory... Surely I'm not the only one who gets all teary over a familiar waft?

So here's your chance to shout about the fragrances you love, by voting for the People's Choice at the FiFi Awards . Known as the 'Oscars' of the fragrance industry, the FiFis are all about celebrating the best new scents for men and women. Just vote for your favourite fragrance of 2013 in both the male and female categories, and keep your fingers crossed!

Check them out here.

Ralph Lauren Big Pony Collection

Looking through the nominations, I'm caught between the fresh and fun Ralph Lauren Big Pony Collection (a fragrance for every mood - I want to own them all!) and Liz Earle Botanical Essence No 15; an earthy, spicy scent that makes me feel a bit like a wood nymph.

Go on - show the nation your signature fragrance is not to be sniffed at. Best of all, if the fragrance you voted for wins, you can pick it up for a fiver cheaper*!

Love a scent that's worth talking about? Share it with us at

*Terms and conditions apply

Natalie x


Anti-ageing: The secret is out!

Beauty blog: Friday 8th March

There seems to be a million anti-ageing products out there, but do all those promising sounding ingredients really work? Well, a new discovery about an anti-ageing ingredient has beauty experts reeling - and what?s best is that you don?t have to be a super-celeb to get your hands on it.

Reading University professor Ian Hamley has found that Matrixyl, an ingredient found in some well known anti-wrinkle creams, really does have skincare benefits. When researching the use of collagen in wound healing, Hamley found that the peptide Matrixyl stimulates the collagen factories within the skin to help add strength and elasticity to your complexion. Collagen can improve firmness in the skin and provide a plumper, smoother and more youthful appearance by softening fine lines and wrinkles. Great news!

So, which products contain this wonder-peptide that?s whipped the beauty world into a frenzy?! These two are your favourites, with excellent ratings and reviews on!

L'Oreal Wrinkle Decrease Collagen Filler - 30ml (£16.32)
Olay Regenerist 3 Point Treatment Cream 50ml (£29.99)

Do you think you will be giving these anti-ageing essentials a try? Are you are already in love with these super smoothing creams? Get in touch at and let us know what you think!

Emily x


Look after your eyes - Estee Lauder's new eye serum

Beauty Blog: Thursday 7th March

Eyes may be known as "the window to the soul", but they're equally good at revealing something just as secret - your age! To keep people guessing, I'm going to start looking after the delicate skin around my eyes.

My eye care routine comprises of dabbing a bit of facial moisturiser around my eyes and hoping for the best. Not the most careful approach - skin around your eyes is delicate, easily damaged and frankly deserves better! Luckily, the launch of Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye Serum Infusion (£45.00) is a good excuse to change my ways, with a super-potent solution to help combat the signs of ageing around the eyes.

This formula helps optimise skin's natural renewal process and includes nourishing ingredients to help protect against environmental damage. Fine lines are not a huge issue for me yet, but I'll be thanking myself in the future!

The serum is easily absorbed, and a little goes a long way. One pump was enough to cover my entire eye area and it left no sticky residue. In fact, apart from my skin feeling much smoother, it was so light I didn't feel like I was wearing anything. When the skin around my eyes is feeling especially dry, I'm going to pair it with Advanced Night Repair Eye Synchronized Recovery Complex (£37.00), for an extra surge of moisture.

Although noticed results already - the skin around my eyes feels silky smooth and more rested - I see this serum as an investment for the future; it?s a great addition to my skincare routine.

Natalie x


*Prices and offer details correct at time of publishing

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