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Written on23/12/2011

123 Hello Me

To help you reach your weight loss goals, XLS-Medical Fat Binder has introduced the 123 Hello Me online support programme. Find out more here.

Research shows that most dieters need ongoing support to help them succeed. That's why XLS-Medical has created the online support programme 123 Hello Me.

Many of us feel the need for ongoing support when we are trying to lose weight but unfortunately don't have time to go to a slimming club on a weekly basis. In addition, it's good to be able to talk to people who you know are in the same boat rather than your usual friends, who you may not want to "bore" with your latest dieting experiences.

That's why XLS-Medical has created a resource which is free to all purchasers of XLS-Medical. 123hellome.com is an online support programme, written by experts for people who want to lose weight, just like you.

The principles behind the programme are three-fold:

1. Eat more healthily
2. Exercise more
3. Take XLS-Medical Fat Binder

To help you achieve your weight loss goals, the information has been especially designed to be easy to understand and includes meal plans and simple exercise routines.

The meal plans are written by nutritionist Helen Bond and are based on those used in the clinical studies. They only contain everyday ingredients, so that they appeal and are useful to as many people as possible.

The hints and tips to help increase exercise levels recognise that not everyone either wants to go to, or has access to a gym. We all know that some activity will help to accelerate weight loss and these tips have been designed to help you build exercise into your already busy life without having to radically change your routine or your lifestyle.

However, perhaps most importantly, XLS-Medical Fat Binder recognises the psychological side to losing weight. Most of us know what to do but often need a helping hand to get there.

123hellome.com also offers:

  • An interactive weight loss and BMI tracker which will help you chart your progress and stay motivated
  • Regular reminders to take your tablets, sent straight to your phone
  • Daily hints, tips and encouragement from your personal 'virtual' coach

Alongside all of the content that hopefully will keep you motivated to stay on your weight loss journey, 123hellome.com has another great benefit: offers a points system that rewards your efforts. For example, these points could be converted into store vouchers, so you can update your wardrobe as you start to lose weight.

Buy XLS-Medical Fat Binder now

People who are severely overweight, take medication or haven't exercised for a long time should consult their GP before embarking on any fitness programme.

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