Electric toothbrushes gift guide

Give the gift of a super smile this Christmas. Take a look at our top picks of electric toothbrushes

We all want to put (pearly white) smiles on the faces of our loved ones with perfect and thoughtful Christmas gifts. So if there’s that one friend or family member who still hasn’t upgraded from their plastic-fantastic toothbrush, take a look at our top picks of whizzy electric alternatives. We’ve even selected one for the kids – because not all gifts can be Lego and Disney dress up (and they’ll thank you for it in a few years!).

Perfectly purple

Oral B Genius 9000 Purple Orchid

For A-grade oral care, go for Oral B. With their best product to date ready to be snapped up and wrapped up, the Genius 9000 promises whiter teeth from day 1 - plus healthier gums for as long as you keep brushing with the Genius in your hand. This is the electric toothbrush that will really brush to impress.

A golden smile

Oral B Genius 9000 Rose Gold

For bright whites, go rose gold. The Oral B Genius Rose Gold is as smart as it is sassy - and hey, it always helps to add a splash of colour to your bathroom cabinet. If they’ve got great style, love a colour trend and probably have a few cute trinkets dotted around the bathroom, then this attractive electric toothbrush will feel right at home.

Pretty in pink

Oral B Pro 2000 Pink

With precisely angled brushes that remove up to 100% more plaque than regular manual toothbrushes, plus a pressure sensor that lights up when you’re brushing too hard, this is the all-round smartie of electric toothbrushes. Did we also mention that it’s pink? Yep, it’s pink! Take a peek at the peeps on your Christmas list and find the one who just can’t get enough of that chic shade of rosé. 

Baby blue

Oral B Pro 2000 Blue

Keep them smiling through those January blues and throughout 2018 with the Oral B Pro 2000 Blue. Featuring next-level dental care innovation, including a 3D movement system for the most astonishingly clean results, this is a sure bet for someone new to electric toothbrushes, or in need of a new one for Christmas. Guaranteed smiles, we’d say. 

Brushing made fun

Philips Sonicare Kids Connected

The biggest smiles often come from the littlest people, and now there’s a fun way to school them on the importance of keeping those gnashers clean. The Philips Sonicare Kids Connected electric toothbrush interacts with a simple app that encourages kids to brush better and for longer, meaning one less thing to worry about before bedtime.  

Floss like a boss

Philips Airfloss Pro Silver

It’s not just about the brushwork, you’ve got to work on that flossing action too. So for those who forget, as well as those who get 10 points for flossing every day, introduce them to the Philips Airfloss Pro – in a snazzy silver, no less. Clinically proven to be as effective as regular floss, it’s the easiest way to clean between the teeth – which we’re sure will be welcome after that five course Christmas dinner.

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