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Protect your employees with our flu vaccination service. Now offering improved protection against flu*

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What is seasonal flu?

Seasonal flu is a big cause of short term illness. It’s highly contagious and can affect a large number of working adults of all ages, so offering flu vaccinations is a simple and cost-effective way to help to keep your employees healthy and reduce absence.

Improved protection*

At Boots we want the best for our customers, which is why this year we’re offering a vaccination service that provides even more protection against flu. We’re now offering protection against four strains of flu – an additional strain compared to last year. The UK expert committee on vaccinations advise that vaccinating against four, rather than three strains, decreases the risk of the vaccine not matching to flu strains in circulation**. 

What’s different about our vaccination service this year?

  • Offers a broader level of protection against influenza*
  • Covers all strains recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) for the upcoming flu season

With the Boots Corporate Flu Vaccination Service, your employees simply visit their local participating Boots pharmacy and receive their flu vaccination at no cost to them***. Our online system makes it easy for you to order and distribute e-vouchers and control your expenditure. 

How it works



Fill in your company details and choose a password



Confirm your quantity and pay online, or choose to pay by invoice



Use your online account to send e-vouchers to your employees

Why choose Boots?

As your trusted healthcare partner, we take the wellbeing of your business and your people very seriously.

  • Access to 2,000+ Boots Pharmacies***
  • Cost-effective and simple solution
  • Virtually administration-free service
  • Helps reduce illness-related employee absence

How will my employees get their vaccination?

  • Purchase your e-vouchers using the online platform
  • Tell us the names of your employees who will be using your e-vouchers
  • We send the personalised e-vouchers out by email or text message (or you have the option to print them out)
  • Employee makes an appointment with a participating Boots Pharmacy (online or in store)
  • Pharmacist accepts the e-voucher and provides vaccination at no cost to the employee***

How much does it cost?

E-vouchers are priced at the discounted rate of £8.50 per employee (for 10 or more people). For orders of 250 or more e-vouchers, a reduced rate of £7.75 applies, decreasing to £6.50 for orders of 1,000 or more e-vouchers.

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Need to know more?

If you require further information, please contact us on 0844 800 4028, download our Corporate Flu Vaccination Service brochure or email us at


Can I claim VAT on flu e-vouchers?

No, the service is exempt from VAT.

Are there any tax implications for providing flu vaccinations?

Seasonal flu vaccinations can usually be considered a minor and trivial benefit and therefore exempt from tax as a benefit in kind. However, we strongly recommend agreeing the tax treatment with your HMRC contact.

Can a refund be provided for any unredeemed e-vouchers?

Unfortunately, once e-vouchers are purchased they are non-refundable.

Are you able to provide details of which employees redeemed their e-voucher?

Due to patient confidentiality, we are unable to provide details of which of your employees, or how many, received a flu vaccination.

*Compared to our previous service. Subject to availability.


***Subject to store opening times, stock and pharmacist availability and patient eligibility.