How to make a beauty cracker

Add a dash of beauty to your Christmas cracker

Crackers are a Christmas Day tradition that we love, so how about giving them a little homemade twist? Here we show you how to make your own cracker from scratch, complete with a lovely beauty gift inside. You can pick whatever little present you want to put in the centre of your cracker, from nail polish to skincare to lipstick. Then, all it takes is for you to cut, stick, roll, and voila! You’re ready to sit back and watch their faces light up when they get a beautiful surprise. So go on, get cracking!

Step 1

Put your beauty gift and the cracker snap inside an empty toilet roll. It’s not essential to include a cracker snap, but it definitely makes it more fun for pulling!

Step 2 

Place the roll on the long edge of an A4 sheet of wrapping paper. If you have larger sheets then cut them down to size beforehand. 

Step 3 

Secure the edge of the paper to the roll with some clear sticky tape, and then roll it up tightly to the end. 

Step 4

Use another piece of sticky tape (or more if necessary) to secure the paper tightly. 

Step 5

Twist both ends of the cracker until they’re tight, turning each in opposite directions - go slowly to avoid tearing the paper. 

Step 6

Complete your cracker by tying some ribbon around the twists. Repeat to make as many crackers as you like, then place them on your table ready for your friends, family and guests to enjoy!

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