Gift ideas for friends

From BFFs to new acquaintances, we’ve got gifts to suit every type of friend in your social circle. Find something that’s perfect for their personality

You could see each other every day, or only once a year (yet it feels like no time’s passed at all). However much time you get to spend together, the bond of friendship is a special one. They say friends are the family you get to choose, so choose them a gift that’ll remind you both of the reasons you’re friends in the first place. Maybe it’s a Chanel lipstick so she can stop stealing yours, or a coconut scented body spray because of your shared love of piña coladas. Whatever the gift, this is the chance to relive memories and make new ones.

The party pal

For the one who lives for the weekend

An expert in dance floor moves and bar swagger, with this girlfriend you’re always guaranteed to have the best night out – and the best memories to laugh about the morning after. From classic smokey eye palettes to glam false lashes, find her a gift that’ll be her go-to for the big nights that are still to come. 

The hair goddess

For the one with the luscious locks

Up-dos, down-dos and even side-dos - no matter how she wears it, her hair is the envy of your crew. You know the way to her heart is through her hair, so discover all the latest trends, stylers and products at your fingertips. Whether it’s a full styling set like the Babyliss Style Collection or some minis to help tackle her tresses on-the-go, we’ve got something your hair hero will love.

The glow girlfriend

For the one that shines

Shining brighter than a bottle of sparkles, she’s the queen of highlighting and the guru of glowing. When it comes to defining and contouring, this friend is on point. Find all the latest must-haves and give her the gift her make-up bag will go wild for, like Benefit's San Francisglow or Liz Earle’s Discover Your Glow

The effortless one

For the one who makes it look easy

She woke up like that… or so it always seems. She’s the friend who always looks flawless, be it brilliant brows, neat nails or just an ace base. Give her the right tools for the job so she can stay on her A-game. 


The skin sister

For the one with the first-class complexion

She knows her toners from her cleansers and detoxifiers from fortifiers. Skin is her number one thing. If she’s not out with the girls, she’ll be at home enjoying a good multi-masking pamper evening, so give her the gift of an even better skincare routine with our fave facial products.

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