Gift ideas for boyfriends

Whether he’s a new love or an old flame, make this Christmas a great one with a gift that shows him how much you care

Buying for the boyfriend can be tricky. How do you find a gift that’s fun, shows him you care and is something he really wants, all in one? We reckon the best route to go down is to get him something that's sentimental and meaningful for the both of you. Maybe that means wrapping up the fragrance you remember him wearing on your very first date, or a better shaver so he spends less time in the bathroom. Whatever you choose for the man in your life this Christmas, this is the time to show him just how much you know him.

The bearded boy

For the one with the facial fur

Rough and ready or trim and tidy, he’s proud of his facial feature. Whether he’s a daily oiler, a simple scissor shaper or a speedy electric shaver, discover a gift him and his beard will love. We love the Johnny’s Chop Shop Grooming Set with its funky 50s vibes, and the Remington MB4125 Beard Boss Styler for total grooming control. 

Mr scented

For that one with the signature scent

Oaky and deep for an evening out, or fresh and clean for day-to-day wear. Whatever his taste in aftershave, you know exactly what he likes – and what you like on him. From Jimmy Choo to Dior Sauvage, discover our range of fragrances that will have him smelling amazing.

The gadget guy

For the one who’s looking for the latest thing

Techy by nature, he’s always hunting down or testing out the latest gadgets and gizmos. From top-notch cameras like the Polaroid Snap Touch, to the best in sporting tech including the Fitbit Alta HR, choose from our range of gifts he’ll go all geeky for. 

Mr has it all

For the material man

He’s an impulsive buyer – he wants it, he gets it. And while it’s great being with someone who’s so decisive, it makes him impossible to buy for. What do you get for the man who has everything?! Don’t worry, we’ve got some fab ideas for you. From the Lumie Bodyclock (to stop his daily snoozing) to a day in the skies in a helicopter (courtesy of the Activity Superstore), you’re sure to find something that’ll stand out from the crowd.

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