When you use BLEACH London Total Bleach Kit and DIY Dip Dye, pre-lightener is mixed with peroxide. Once applied to the hair, the cuticles are opened and the pigment is stripped from the cortex. First the brown and black molecules leave, then the red, and finally the yellow.


Hair dyes can be permanent, semi-permanent (such as the one used in our White Toner) or temporary. Permanent hair dye can lighten virgin hair in a similar way to bleach, but it also deposits tone back into the hair and then locks it in. Semi-permanent hair dye can be used to tone bleached hair, give a subtle hue of colour to virgin hair or darken lighter hair.


The Bleach London range of ‘Super Cool Colours’ are temporary dyes, which stain your hair and can be painted onto pre-lightened or naturally blonde hair. Tones can range from subtle pastels like Rose and Awkward Peach to bold and bright like The Big Pink and I Saw Red. Everyone’s hair has different porosity, so there’s no rule to how long it will last; less washes with lukewarm water, lots of dry shampoo, and good conditioners will help the colours last. A general rule is: pastel tones last for one to three washes; strong pigments last for ten to twelve washes (it will become lighter as it fades out).


Even if you’re a regular bleacher, there may still be some things you need to know about your hair.

  • Always wash your hair in lukewarm water. Cold water will lock in shampoo and dirt and hot water will scald and dry out your hair, much like heat tools.
  • Use BLEACH London Reincarnation Mask weekly to maintain the condition of your hair. If your hair is dry from the hair colouring process, we recommend a repair mask to replace the keratin (protein) that’s been stripped out.
  • Don’t vigorously towel dry hair. This will roughen the cuticle causing frizz and split ends. Dry your hair as gently as possible by patting and squeezing the hair dry with a towel.
  • If you must use a hair-dryer or irons, always use a heat protector with as many moisturising ingredients as possible.
  • If you want silver or white hair, you need to wash your hair with BLEACH London Silver Shampoo and Conditioner; this will reduce brassy tones and keep your colour looking fresh.



  • Use the Total Bleach Kit every four to six weeks for your roots to be bleached.
  • Make sure your hair is at optimum health by using Reincarnation Mask two weeks prior to your colour treatment, but avoid washing two days before as this makes your scalp over-sensitive.
  • Get a trim every eight weeks to refresh the cuticle, and keep your hair looking healthy.
  • Sleep on a silk pillowcase. This will cause your hair less stress and friction.
  • Be patient, and always remember dying your hair is fun. Get your friend to help you if it gets hard, and watch our tutorials.
  • Use scrunchies, pins or crocodile clips when styling hair up to help protect it from breakage.


  • Wait too long to get your roots re-done - your scalp generates heat which lifts your hair to a clean, white colour for the first half an inch. If you leave it too long you’ll get a brassy band and need to bleach twice, causing sprout tufts of breakage.
  • Put strain on your hair by dyeing it in bad condition or when your scalp is oversensitive from washing.
  • Leave hair too long before your next trim because once the hairs split they make friends.
  • Use a cheap, hard-bristled brush that will be aggressive on your hair.
  • Be disappointed if your colour correction isn’t achieved first time - it normally takes a few sessions to reach the perfect result.
  • Use hair bands with a metal fastening as they can cause breakage.


Daily heat styling is one of the most damaging processes for your hair and should be kept for special occasions. Your bleached hair should be treated like a silk shirt - it is not a pair of jeans anymore - high temperatures will cause it to wear out quickly.

Whilst your hair is still damp, apply a bit of BLEACH London Split Fix Serum to the ends, then your hair can be styled, left to dry naturally, and it will hold its shape. Try...

  • Tight braids for a crimped effect
  • Four or five plaits for loose waves
  • Winding a piece of hair around your finger then pinning it flat to your head for ribbon like waves
  • Some barrel-rolled pin-curlers secured with flat clips for curls
  • Four or five twists, for a messy, beachy look
  • Scrunching the ends as they dry for enhanced natural texture

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