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Outdoors toys

When the sun is shining, your garden can be the most exciting place in the world! A whole new universe can be created in the plants, on the grass and behind the trees. The only thing that can make a garden more exciting? Outdoor toys! We have lots of exciting games and toys you can choose from to help create the perfect outdoor world.

You can create your own park in your back garden. With lots of different swing sets and slides to choose from, your perfect personal park isn’t far away. Your little one can even be jumping for joy with their very own trampoline. For the littlest leapers, the ELC junior trampoline is super fun.

If your child wants to live that fast paced life, the iconic Little Tikes Cozy Coupe is the perfect gift. With a real working horn and ignition switches, they’ll be driving just like mum and dad! There are plenty of other toys they can use to zoom around on, too. Check out our huge range of bikes and scooters that your kids will go wild over! 

For any budding sport stars, they can perfect their penalty skills with Chicco Fit and Fun Goal League, or the All Surface Swingball. They’ll be out there winning trophies before you know it!

Little ones with inquisitive minds are always looking to discover more. Why not bury treasure in their Little Tikes Turtle Sandbox, or create a beach with the Sand & Water Table. Their inner archaeologist or deep sea diver will come out in full force. 

When you use your Boots Advantage Card, you get four points for every pound you spend. Now buying an exciting gift for your child means you can get a treat for yourself, too!