Tips to help prevent hayfever

When the pollen count is high, don't let hayfever get you down. These top tips will help keep hayfever symptoms at bay

Protect against the causes of hayfever

Young women laughing in sunglasses

Wear sunglasses

Protect your eyes from irritation caused by coming into contact with pollen by popping on a pair of summer shades.

Allergy Barrier Nasal Spray product

Use a pollen barrier

Before you head out, put up a protective barrier between you and pollen. Spray a barrier powder into your nostrils to protect against sneezing and a runny nose.

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Shower before bed

Don't let hayfever disrupt your sleep! Before going to bed, wash your hair to help avoid breathing in pollen overnight.

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Treat the symptoms of hayfever
Piriton Allergy Tablets product

Take an antihistamine

Start taking an antihistamine as soon as your symptoms start, and keep an eye on when the pollen count is high. Because various antihistamines have different ingredients, if one tablet isn't working for you, consider swapping to another type.

*Piriton Allergy Tablets. For fast relief of symptoms from hayfever and other allergies. Contains chlorphenamine maleate. Always read the label.

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Beconase Hayfever nasal spray product

Use a nasal spray

Research shows that less than 20% of people use their nasal sprays properly. Speak to one of our pharmacists for help using yours. You can use this nasal spray to prevent and treat hayfever symptoms.

*Beconase Hayfever Relief for Adults nasal spray. For prevention and treatment of allergic rhinitis in adults aged 18 or over. Contains Beclometasone dipropionate. Always read the label.

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Relieve the irritation of hayfever
Otrivine allergy relief nasal spray

Ease congestion

If your hayfever is particularly bad, you might find it helpful to try a decongestant nasal spray to help you breathe more easily.

*Always read the label.

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Opticrom hayfever eye drops product

Soothe your eyes

If your eyes are affected by hayfever, eye drops can help soothe them. To ease any other hayfever symptoms, ask your pharmacist about the right medication for you.

*Opticrom Hayfever eye drops. For the relief of eye symptoms from hayfever. Contains Sodium cromoglicate. Always read the label.

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If your hayfever symptoms do not improve, or get worse, speak to a pharmacist or GP.

Hayfever product selection

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Let’s help nip hayfever in the bud.